Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Got My Pew-Pew Back

I had a little time to play Eve last night so I thought I would practice my exploration skills and maybe find a site to mine in.  I didn't find any asteroids, but I did find a site that wouldn't accept cruiser sized ships.  What a perfect excuse to pull out my Jaguar.  I hadn't flown it since my half-baked attempt to catch pirates during Hulkageddon 3 and I still had the ship outfitted for PvP.  So I threw in a couple of T2 shield extenders and a T2 shield booster and went off to fight the Angel Cartel.

I have to say I had fun fighting the rats for a change.  I think the reason is that I fit all of my mission ships with artillery and just kite the rats.  That is a much safer route that fitting autocannons and getting up close and personal.  But last night I flew my autocannon fitted assault frigate into a site and got into a dog fight.  At one point with my shields almost gone and my cap not much better, I hit the afterburners and put some distance between myself and three Angel fighters who were doggedly trying to follow.  But I got a breather and was able to double-back and not only destroy the three ships but a couple others that spawned as I killed the third one.

Sure, the salvage plus the bounties on the rats maybe came out to be 1.2 million isk.  But that wasn't the point.  I had fun shooting things again.  Autocannons make life so much more interesting.

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