Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vote For Best Eve GM/Dev/Forum Mod

Trader Gandry has started a thread on the Eve Online forums asking players to vote for their favorite GM, dev, or forum moderator and is throwing in a prize for participating.
We all ( meaning us forumscouts) have seen plenty of replies, threadlocks and random bantering of Devs, GM's and forummods.

Some are received better than others but in general most also understand that leading a herd of sheep takes a well disciplined but also fun Herder.

Therefor I would like to make a little appreciation contest for your favourite GM, Dev, Forum Moderator.

1 vote per character and explenation as of why is optional.

Voting will end December 31st 2010 at midnight EVE-time.

The winning GM, Dev, Forum Moderator voters will then go into a pool and I will ask Chribba to do a random draw and the winner will receive 250 mill ISK from me.
This thread has the potential to become an epic thread.  Already I have seen links to a thread in which CCP Prism X nerfed a poster and another in which CCP Lemur performed some extraordinary customer service.  I can't wait to see what other gems come out of the thread.

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