Thursday, December 23, 2010

RIFT Beta NDA Drops and the First Impressions

With Trion dropping the NDA on the RIFT beta, the first reports are starting to circulate across the MMO blogosphere.  Here is a short roundup.

The RIFT had RIFT's Executive Producer Scott Hartsman on to answer a few questions about the betas and why the sudden dropping of the NDA.

Karen Bryan at - "RIFT isn't perfect, and there's a lot that might feel all-to-familiar, but the rift invasions and the soul system address the two biggest problems in MMOs today: lack of player interaction and the limitations of the holy trinity in groups." 

Karen is a veteran EQ2 player and guild leader and may be better known for co-hosting the Shut Up, We're Talking podcast.  Her's was an opinion I was looking forward to reading. has come out with a lot of stories covering RIFT yesterday.

Tipa at West Karana - "I want to tell why this makes me feel like I felt when playing EverQuest, even though it really is nothing like EQ."

Syp at Bio Break - "The answers are 'Yes, although not perfect” and “Most definitely'." 

Keen - "Rift is an all-around good game.  That’s something that needs to be said up front since I will be delivering a few harsh truths to you as you read on.  Look at what has released over the past five plus years and you won’t find much better."

Kill Ten Rats - "Rift MMO feels like a polished Warhammer Online with more dynamic public quests. I am going to get it."

Blagpuss on Hardcore Casual - "What Trion have done, very professionally and successfully, is cherry-pick lots of things from other MMOs and synthesized them smoothly and convincingly into a coherent whole. Warhammer crossed with WoW is a pretty fair description, but I spotted a large dollop of EQ2 in there and a soupcon of Vanguard, while other people claimed to see strong ressemblences to Aion."

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