Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Alt Tears, Worst Tears?

I am just about at the point where I want to create alts to watch the major market hubs for not only markets but for courier contracts.  What's stopping me?  The thought of having to redo the looks of all my alts.  Now, I am a confirmed, non-recovering altoholic, but when I create an alt, I want to get the looks of my new character completed upon creation.  I'm looking forward to redoing the looks of Rosewalker and Wandering Rose, but for any other alts?  I think I'll just wait until the last part of the Incursion expansion comes out before rolling up any more characters.

This line of thinking just leads me to a question.  Just how much QQ will occur when all the people with the max allotment of alts realizes they will need to redo their appearances?  I've heard that players will have the option to keep their current appearance for awhile, but that period will end sometime, probably when Incarna is finally released.  Do we have enough bottles for all the tears?


  1. If you don't care (and someone with that many alts probably doesn't) you can just hit Random appearance button and be done.

  2. The poor alts. So how many ugly capsuleers will New Eden have because of this? That could produce tears from people just looking at them.