Monday, January 24, 2011

Why I Didn't Mission This Weekend

This past weekend I fully intended to run some missions in Eve Online.  I really did.  I have a nice new battleship and if I run a few more missions I'll finally have the proper standings with agents who regularly give out kill missions.  But some things just got in the way.

First was planetary interaction.  Friday night and Saturday mornings are when I usually do my weekly runs to trade hubs with my products.  Things slowed down a bit Friday night as I got caught up looking at the production graphs for my extractor heads.  Oooh, graphs!  I'm really interested in how production changes from day-to-day in my extraction programs.

Well, I could make up the time on Saturday morning, right?  Wrong.  I'm working on my real life physical fitness and decided I needed a better stairstepper.  So I went out and bought a small mini-stepper that has a lot more resistance than my old one.  However, the dance music I had been listening to when working out no longer worked.  That was not a problem, since I have One Night of Roc on my iPod.  But the time I spent looking took away playing in the morning.

While I was hauling my products to market I picked up courier contracts to make a little extra money.  I got just a little carried away and wound up in the Gallente Federation.  I hadn't flown around those regions since I left Eve University and I couldn't really enjoy the sights then because we were fighting the Privateers.  Let's just say that the contracts were a bit more generous in the Gallente Federation than in the Minmatar Republic and by the time I got back home I was 15 million ISK richer.  But I was having so much fun I lost track of time and it was Saturday night and time for bed.

Well, I could run missions Sunday, right?  Not really.  I have a blogging project going on for Clone Pundit and I spend the day installing SQL Express, writing code and watching the Bears lose to the Packers.  I still have to polish up the code, but I think I'll have some good posts up over at Clone Pundit.

So that's why I didn't run any missions.  I'm such a terribad carebear.

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