Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Incursion Patch 1.1 Deploying Now

CCP has released the patch notes for the last part of the Incursion expansion and all I can say is "wow"!  I'm not going to paste them here; there is simply too much to do so.  Instead go to the patch notes page.  I will mention some things that stand out to me.  Notice that major items of the expansion, like the Sansha incursions themselves, didn't make my list.

  • Insured ships that are put into a Courier contract will no longer have their insurance voided.
  • When you log in, you will now be notified if there are any contracts assigned to you. You can now easily jump into the contract in question.
  • Contract details will now show the security level of the system(s) in question. It will also show if any system en route to the system is a different security level than the current system.
  • Contract details will now show if a station is player owned and therefore potentially unreachable.
  • Contract details will now show if a system is unreachable with your current autopilot settings.
  • The ignored issuers list limit has been raised from 80 to 1000. It is filtered on the client instead of the server.
  • The number of top level items in a contract has been raised from 100 to 200.
  • The contracts start page now includes the count of all contracts assigned to your corporation for all members of the corp. The corporation and your private assigned-to list counts are split up into item exchange/auction and courier, each with relevant links.
  • Labels on contracts details now show the text "You will pay" and "You will get" instead of "price," "money offered" and "offered items."
Graphics Improvements
  • Changes to the way suns are rendered have been made to improve performance.
  • Changes to the way the Tactical Overlay is rendered have been made to improve performance.
  • Fixed windowed mode in the Windows client. This makes the client appear to be in full-screen mode while staying in windowed mode. This change frees up a bit of screen real estate for users.
 Character Creator
  • We are adding support for an optional third name during the new character creation process. This is being done in order to expand the amount of available names in the EVE database and avoid having to purge older names. When you create a new character, you will put in your first two names in one box with a space between the names, and then use the second box for your third name.
  • New Characters can have a selection of education options to choose from; this dictates their starting location.
  • Current characters will have a grace period before having to commit to a new character avatar and portrait. During this grace period you can take your time before finalizing your new avatar and portrait to suit your tastes. Once this grace period is over all characters will be forced to create a new and updated character portrait and avatar during the login process. A final date for the end of this grace period will be announced. 
 Player Owned Structures, Outposts and Stations
  • Jump bridges can now be successfully probed down.
 Agents & Missions
  • Level 5 missions should no longer send you to high-sec .
  • High-end ores have been removed from several sites and missions. 
Like I mentioned before, these are just items that interested me.  I really urge you to read all the patch notes so you don't get blindsided by some of the changes.

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