Friday, January 14, 2011

Too Much Transparency

Usually I like the transparency that CCP shows its players in Eve Online for all the technical things behind the scenes.  But in CCP Soundwave's latest dev blog, I think he went just a tad too far.
"If you like ships with lots of spikes that fly around and try to kill players, you’re in luck. Patch day is coming soon, which means you will all get to play with the Incursion feature shortly. On January 18, we will softly rub the hamsters in the server room till they fall asleep, prod them sweetly with foreign objects, and, if we’re lucky, they’ll wake up again with brand new content later that day. (If they don’t, we’ll have to place the largest order ever for very small coffins. Sadface)."
And this is relatively sane compared to the rest of the dev blog.  If you're not afraid of nightmares, give it a read.  Personally, I'm probably scarred for life.

1 comment:

  1. Here's a bit of help to reduce that scarring: change the words "hamsters" with "developers". There. Now get back out there capsuleer! :p