Wednesday, January 5, 2011

RIFT Launches March 1st

If you read my blog and podcast roll, you probably already know that RIFT will launch on March 1st.  Now, as Massively points out, Trion took a poke at World of Warcraft in a television commercial they plan to launch.  While everyone is looking at the World of Warcraft angle, I'm looking at another game.  That's right, RIFT Executive Producer Scott Hartsman is going to go head-to-head with the latest expansion of the game he used to head up, SOE's EverQuest 2.  The last I heard, Destiny of Velious is scheduled for release on February 11th.  With all the nifty pre-launch offers (including access to all future beta events), RIFT is looking at attracting EQ2 players disgruntled with several of SOE's decisions during the Sentinel's Fate expansion.  And as a former EQ2 player, I think I'd rather play the new game headed up by the guy who did great things with my old game than play what EQ2 has become.

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