Friday, January 21, 2011

The Clone Pundit - Rosewalker's Blog

I love the world CCP created in Eve Online.  And with all the activities surrounding the game that players engage in, New Eden truly is a virtual world.  Heck, even assuming that each player has 2 accounts, New Eden has 4 times the population of my town and takes a lot more time to cross as well.

I also love reading about Eve.  Sometimes so much is going on that I can't experience in game that I spend my time reading about the game instead of playing.  I read the blogs and news sites and listen to podcasts.  When I travel overseas I also faithfully tune into Eve Radio to get my game fix.

With so much going on, I came up with the crazy idea to start another blog dedicated solely to Eve Online called Clone Pundit.  But I couldn't just start another blog; I had to come up with something to make it distinctive.  So I decided to emulate someone from the political blogosphere, University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds and his blog, Instapundit.  Professor Reynolds makes a lot of short posts with no titles that links to a lot of sources.  He has a lot of memes running through his blog that he tells based on what others are writing or saying.  So I figured I could do the same.  It can't be that hard.

Well, it can if I put a few tweaks into the format.  I decided that to copy the Instapundit format that I need to find at least 6 Eve-related items to make posts about each day.  Not too tough as long as everyone is not too busy playing with the character creator.  Because Professor Reynolds posts constantly throughout the day (and I can't) I simulate the constant blogging by setting up my posts using Blogger's delayed posting feature.

Also, I decided that in order to try to get the feel of New Eden that I would write the blog as much as I could in-character.  So that led to Rosewalker writing his own blog.

Rosewalker, New Eden's Newest Blogger
Writing in a role-playing style does have some challenges.  For instance, how do you work in the patch notes for the expansion?  Or how about the upcoming live dev blogs using Eve Voice?  Or just dev blogs in general?  I think I'm getting the hang of it now.  And by writing in-character, I think the feel of Eve as a virtual world is starting to come through.

I started Clone Pundit last Sunday and am up to 42 posts as of the time I write this post.  With any luck, anyone who reads the blog will be curious enough to start clicking on the links to all the blogs, podcasts, news sites and forum posts that I've highlighted.  If you possibly may be interested in the events in New Eden, head on over and let me know what you think.

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