Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I Can't Believe I'm Seriously Considering This Move

Back in episode 76 of the Declarations of War podcasts, the crew discussed the results of a poll asking about the changes to low sec that came with Kronos.  Former CSM representative and Noir. Mercenary Group head Alekseyev Karrde expressed surprise that any resident of low sec would want to move out of low sec as a result of the changes.  I'm not, as I'm one of those people considering moving out.

I'm not a big miner, because in a busy week I would only mine 2 or 3 hours, but I haven't mined any the last couple of weeks.  Part of that is I mined so many minerals in the past that I only really mine to sell lately.  Part of reason is that I have someone who keeps chasing me out of the ice belts.  But the biggest is that the the speed "buff" to the Procurer requires more initial set-up to mine while aligned that I found playing hide-and-seek in the ice belts just isn't fun.

I really do need to move, as the secondary system I had originally marked out for mining has way too many Procurer and Skiff kills in it to make mining feel somewhat safe.  I've picked out a couple of promising systems, but I haven't logged in to start exploring.  Looking at Dolan is nice, but I really need to go in an do a proper scouting trip, complete with making bookmarks, to know if a system is truly suitable.

Right now I just don't feel excited to log into EVE.  Interestingly enough, the industry changes in Crius are a good part of the reason I moved to low sec in the first place.   Back in August 2011, CCP Greyscale put out a dev blog on the design goals for null sec that included these goals for null sec industry:
  • 99% self-sufficient by volume
    • For further discussion. People building things in nullsec should only need to travel to empire (or more than a couple of regions across nullsec) for low-volume supplies. This requires that industrialists have a ready supply of low-end minerals available nearby in nullsec, without breaking other systems or goals. (Likely means some way of mining low-ends in a massively more rapid manner compared to current tools.)
  • Geared towards T2
    • Our current proposal is that hisec is for volume T1 goods, lowsec will be for meta/faction gear eventually, nullsec is for T2, and wormholes are for T3
  • Lucrative
    • Building T2 modules/ships in nullsec should be a good way to make a lot of money. There are many inherent drawbacks in doing industry in nullsec and we need to balance out these hidden costs.
  • Requires investment
    • Again, we want the real wealth-generation machines to require people to settle down and spend some money, because it encourages concentration of effort and makes for interesting targets to attack or defend.
  • Accessible to all in small volumes
    • Anyone should be able to build enough bits and bobs to support a reasonably frugal lifestyle, anywhere in nullsec. This allows small groups to feel self-sufficient provided they're all prepared to work for it, while still encouraging specialization efficiency for larger groups.
After reading CCP Greyscale's words, I knew I needed to move to low sec.  For those who think that Dinsdale's ideas about high sec getting nerfed to benefit null sec are made up out of whole cloth, well, I acted on that same belief a couple of years ago.  But instead of moving to null, I moved to low sec.  I saw the portion stating that low would provide meta and faction gear and was intrigued.  Part of the reason that I deal in faction ammunition stems from the goals I set based on CCP Greyscale's dev blog.

So, in some ways, Crius is the release I've waited for.  But after looking at the current content and rereading Greyscale's words, I'm not sure that low sec industry was really included in the design.  I'm not stating that low sec industry is impossible, because it's not.  But I don't think high sec is going to take the massive hit I originally believed.  Out in the Minmatar Republic, I think high sec may prove the superior place to do business.  In other regions, especially The Forge, low sec may win out.  We'll have to wait and see how players adapt to the new rules set.

Whatever happens, I do have to at least establish a second major base of operation, if not move my operations entirely.  I've got more than enough Procurers to scatter across the stars.  Now I just need to obtain some more ships, with Prowlers, Hounds, Cheetahs and Falcons the first priority.  I also probably need to establish a line of products beyond faction ammunition and ice products.  Not only for something new to do, but to become a bit more self-sufficient as well.

My first choice is a quieter low sec system, and like I mentioned before, I have some candidates picked out already.  But for the first time in a long time, I'm seriously contemplating a move back to high sec.  Such a move would take place not out of frustration, but because such a move is possibly the rational choice to make.

Needless to say, I don't want to move back to high sec.  That is probably contributing to not wanting to log in.  I really don't want to move back.  But I do need a few facts to back up my stubbornness on the matter.  Eventually, I may need to yield to the inevitable.


  1. Collateral damage from Crius may be shocking in the middle run. I'm still undecided on how will the end of casual industry affect the veterans who used it as an alt hobby.

    1. When it takes a month to build stuff industry can stay pretty casual

  2. I doubt casual industry will end. I do casual industry, and I don't really do it just for profit. I built drakes when it was more profitable to just get the minerals and sell them because I wanted to be able to say I built drakes.

    We won't know what Crius will do until several months after it drops. In the short term, I do expect a lost of nasty volatility, but we really won't know what it means for the long run until we get to the long run. And I am also fairly confident that if the economy gets too out of whack, CCP will step in.

  3. I really cannot believe that you don't see Crius as a huge hit to high sec profitability, with all those profits being transferred to null. The bonuses that null sec get over high sec are obscene. Of, and BTW, the Isotope and PI markets just got hammered, because the moron greyscale, in doing something right (repealing the silly idea of stacking dozens of POS modules for manufacturing efficiency), just made the only reason to have a large POS is for the shield EHP.

    Oh, and your comment about not feeling motivated to log onto Eve right now, sure looks like a lot of people feel the same way. I never see less than 24,000 online at this time of day, but here we are.



    1. In comparison to low sec, high sec may wind up not being so bad. I thought low sec was going to benefit until teams were introduced. Except for where capital producers team up, I doubt low will see any. But I could be wrong.

    2. @Noizy.

      Actually, capital manufacturers in low sec are completely screwed. Nothing like renting a team whose location is then broadcast to every single griefer and competitor in the entire game.

      No one in low sec can use a team as they are instant targets. High sec players cannot maximize the use of a team as not only can they not get sole benefit from a team, but the greyscale's idea that high sec industrialists in a system will co-ordinate their bids for teams is completely naive and show zero lack of understanding of high sec players.

      Teams are being introduced for the sole benefit of the tightly controlled industrial groups of the null sec cartels.



  4. Come mine in FW lowsec. If you don't mind watching local and DSCAN I know a fairly good place if you don't mind being a couple jumps from ICE, and can locally mine ore for building in a nice little culdesac. If you are up for PVP from time to time I might even know a decent corp that is looking for another indi-bro.

    - Thanatos Marathon

  5. "Looking at Dolan is nice"

    He is a sexy, sexy man....