Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stories I'd Like To Read

One reason I've stuck around EVE Online as long as I have is the sheer scope of the game.  Even playing for almost five years, I still don't know a lot of the game.  That wealth of content available is a reason why players who finally "get" EVE stick around so long.  People who get tired of one type of game play don't have to leave their friends behind; they just find another aspect of the game.  A great example is those tired of the null sec sov grind moving to low sec for a different style of play.

With so many possibilities offered to players, the stories available to write about are equally numerous.  Whether the story involves doing research and analysis or just going out and writing about experiences playing the game, EVE has something for just about everyone.  Except elves.  No elves here.  Sorry.1

I do some writing about EVE, but I don't have time to delve into all of the subjects I'd like.  I was thinking about this last night as Wildstar kept lagging on me and my ghost was stuck in the netherworld.  What stories about EVE would I like to see the news sites or other bloggers cover? 

What about Sean Decker? - On 2 July of last year, Sean Decker was hired by CCP as the new Senior Vice President of Product Development.  Think he's had a busy year?  We always seem to read about CCP when they have problems.  But the one year anniversary of his hire seems like a good time to reflect back on what's happened with CCP and figure out if the company as a whole is in better shape.  Is the doom and gloom we keep hearing about really warranted?  Or is CCP just like a freighter that takes a long time to align and warp off in the right direction?

The High Sec Moon Rush - I know that people have written and posted about the upcoming rush to acquire moons in 0.8 and 0.9 systems in high sec once Crius launches next week.  But I'd love to see pieces analyzing who really made the move.  Are any big corporations or alliances trying to stake a claim on a constellation?  Or will ownership of these new high sec POS trickle down to the little guy?

Also, I'd love to read the stories of the people building and using POS for the first time.  Their hopes and dreams followed by the reality of actually running a POS.  Crius is supposed to open up industry to newer players and I'd love to read if CCP's design goals are working.

Of course, EVE does have a problem with abandoned POS.  Hopefully someone will document the stories (and business arrangements) of those who see a profit in serving as the clean up crew as well.

The Low Sec Moon Rush - Land (or in EVE's case, moon) grabs aren't just reserved for high sec.  The empires are also losing control in low sec, with a seemingly minor math change opening up the moons in 0.4 systems for exploitation.  Stories have circulated about the great null sec alliances have already grabbed up all the good moons already.

Is that really true?  I'm guessing yes, although I don't know how many resources such an effort takes.  Perhaps someone will write about the effort to scan down all of these moons.  Or just the moons in a single system.  Even better, I hope someone writes about going out and setting up a moon mining operation for the first time.  Analysis pieces are great, but actually reading about someone's experiences are good too.

I also don't think I've read about how the issue of power projection affects low sec in any great detail.  I think a lot of low sec residents just take it for granted that the big null sec alliances will come in with their huge cap fleets and take what they want.  I'd love to read the argument that power projection isn't just a concern for null sec.

Of course, people may have already written about some of these issues and I just missed the articles and blog posts.  Then again, perhaps conditions have changed and some of these articles need updating.  I just see a few big subjects coming up just waiting for someone to write about them.  Perhaps out of all of this we'll see emerge the next big EVE blogger.  And if someone is already writing about these things, let me know in the comments.  I really want to read those stories.


1.  Not sorry.


  1. The lo-sec people that I've talked to tell me that power projection by *lo-sec* entites is almost as out of control as the situation in 0.0

    Only the scale differs.

  2. Someone wrote about the lo-sec power projection problem after Asakai, I just can't remember where I read it. It was not a heartening read.

  3. Surely the Jove are dark space elves? No? Did I just annoy every Jove fan out there? What counts is that there are no pandas. I currently have one problem with Wildstar and that's that I can't gun down all the cutesy bits. Take that Far Trader McRabbitHead!