Thursday, July 10, 2014

Building A New Base

Yesterday I posted about needing a second base of operations, preferably in low sec.  That was the practical side of me writing.  But the next question I ask myself is: how do I go about doing that?  I could just go to a trade hub and buy the ships and modules.  I don't feel space poor and I can comfortably spend 1 billion ISK on the effort.  But as much as EVE is a spaceship shopping simulator, I have other ideas.

With the industry revamp in Crius less than two weeks away, why not just build as much as possible?  Except for possibly a Blackbird BPO, I have all the other ship blueprints needed at least researched up to ME 10, with many researched up to TE 10 as well. Some of them, I even have copies made already.  I'd have to check, but I think I have Hound, Cheetah, and Prowler blueprint copies in a hanger someplace.

Modules are the bigger challenge.  Not because they are difficult to make, but deciding which ones I need.  I know, I know, just make all the things.  But I usually like to make things I actually use, or might use.  Which explains why I have a couple of Damage Control II blueprint copies already made, but no tech 2 laser crystals (or whatever you call those things). 

For those wondering about the title, I have no plans to build a POS.  For my small operation, I don't see the need.  Besides, CCP does not have any POS festival launcher modules.  How can anyone have a low sec POS without the ability to shoot fireworks or snowballs?  I'm sure that's just an oversight that CCP will fix in an upcoming POS revamp.

I should add that building all my ships fits in with the role play element I've built around my corporation.  Right now, the corporation is just a one system operation specializing in faction ammunition.  Why not update the story with an expansion of its product line as well?  As soon as I finish building, I'll want to continue using by blueprints to sell things.  If I have enough fun, maybe I'll stop mining and buy minerals off the market.  Probably not, though.  I don't think I'll expand my operations that much.

Those are just a couple of quick thoughts on what I might do.  Part of EVE is not only deciding your own goals, but figuring out one of the many alternatives that sound like the most fun.  I know a lot of people won't think that building things is fun, but EVE allows a lot of types of players in the sandbox.


  1. "Spaceship shopping simulator"

    Ain't that the truth, I may have to quote you on that one sometime. :)

  2. If you are only building stuff for yourself, it doesn't really matter where you set up - and Crius won't really affect you much. So, keep your manufacturing in low sec, or move it back to high sec.

    The changes from Crius only really affect the industry players who make a living building and selling stuff on market. After Crius goes live, casual industrialists will mostly leave the game, since the changes are definitely not beneficial to their style of gameplay. In general, small corp high sec manufacturers will lose out to large alliance null sec manufacturers, which is Greyscale's plan. So, if you want to build and sell stuff, after Crius, then you should be planning to move to null sec and join a large corp/alliance (I recommend the Goons).

  3. Probably a good idea to build your own ships & modules.

    From the looks of the PCU on and from monitoring recent market activity, on a number of items, the high-sec industrial players really do appear to be leaving the game, in increasing numbers, as their subs run out. At the current rate of decline, there might soon not be much of a high-sec market left.

    1. I was on Sisi again for the masstest in null sec yesterday.
      The UI is a mess, I found a huge bug in the wastage of capital blueprints (which greyscale acknowledged and supposedly will be fixed for July 22nd).

      But fundamentally, the only high sec producers that will be left by Sept / Oct will be the ones that don't do math well. The bonuses given to null sec are so huge there is zero chance of a high sec producer competing with a null sec producer.



    2. @Dins - well, CCP still has time to pull the plug on Greyfail's plan and dump it, but I wonder if they are smart enough to do so. I hope they realize that they won't be able to easily back out these ill-considered changes, once they go live, and, even if they do so, unlike after the Summer of Rage incident, the industry players won't come back, since those players will have already dismantled the years of work they spent building up their industry infrastructure.