Monday, August 11, 2014

Catching A Break

We now know that wormhole space will receive the major focus of CCP's attention in the Hyperion release.  Good.  That will give me time to catch my breath for a bit.  Two more months will help me adapt to the current rule set.

For a long time, an expansion would come out and the way I played EVE Online wasn't really impacted.  Sure, a change in one area of the game affects the whole game, but I didn't really notice.  But Odyssey came along and I stopped running exploration sites.  I also pretty much gave up on the new ore sites as well.  I know that CCP Fozzie stated at Fanfest 2013 that the risk of mining in the ore sites was balanced against the rewards as long as the miner stayed aligned, but I decided to mainly stick to the belts.  Which was probably a good thing in the long run, because in Kronos CCP nerfed mining while aligned in a Procurer in order to satisfy high sec miners.  After trying mining in my newly nerfed Procurer for two weeks, I docked up and haven't mined in low sec since mid- to late June.

By the time Crius and the industry revamp launched two weeks ago I'd become pretty one dimensional, with all of my game play centered around travel and hauling things around.  I loved the warp speed changes in Rubicon and the blockade runner changes in Kronos.  I pretty much took what CCP gave me and ran with it.  If the devs were nerfing mining and exploration and buffing those who run distribution missions, then I was going to run distribution missions.  So I did.

Of course, now that I've written that CCP has buffed distribution missions, I expect a dev to nerf those into oblivion also.  Then I'll have the choice of returning to high sec or leaving the game.  Or ...

Or I can try to use this break until the Oceanus release at the end of September to expand what I do in EVE Online.  I posted my goals for the upcoming year on Friday and hopefully the lull in the changes for what I do will give me the change to institute some of them.  I need to act on what I want to do and stop reacting to CCP.


  1. And so CCP keeps kicking players away from A, then from B, then from C, then from D, then from E... until when?

    EVE development has become about turning stones and exposing the little creeps under them.... It's only a matter of time until most players will have been evicted from enough niches as to have enough and leave the game altogether.

    And the plans to add new niches to the game are vague at best and horribly misguided at worst.

  2. You have to roll with the changes. In your case, you seem to want to do non-PVP stuff in lowsec. Lowsec ore mining seems to have lost out. OK. (Though I think it should still be possible, using two off-grid bookmarks that you align to, and two on-grid bookmarks to warp back to.)

    There are still non-PVP things one can do in lowsec other than distro missions. Off the top of my head: ghostbusting (though it is really better done in null), exploring (meaning the non-PVE sites), and gassing. You can also look for wormholes, and venture in there for gas.

  3. Nozy,

    You’ve captured the feel the new more numerous, smaller content release model produces. The Devs wind up with a pair of dice in hand and all us players at the space craps table hold our breath . . . “Craps? Natural? Point?,” we whisper anxiously. Dice released, some of us wail, some of us cheer and some of us shrug our shoulders and pause to breathe. Now we get to look forward to this glorious torture about every six weeks. What the hell is the matter with us?

  4. High Sec never asked for the revamp to the barges. This was instigated by the pirate/ganker elements who decried the common place use of the mack for mining. Ironic considering the over-use of the catalyst. If Fozzie put the destroyers on a pie chart the same as mining barges, then catalyst can receive a 25% nerf the same as done for the procurer and retriever.

    The whole thing about speed change to the procurer was a smoke/mirror from Fozzie so that miners would not realise just how cut back from 200% to 150% would impact yield.

    The tragic thing being is that miners are told tank or die. That was a mantra for some time. Well, now there are tanking barges, so bumping becomes "the thing". Hang on, there is no comprise to fit when bumping?! Perhaps a module should be required to enable ship bumping - that would make it within the metric of fit influencing the risk and reward.

    Based for far on the reaction to the Industry and now WH releases, when CCP gets around to Null sov; I will be curious to how any "negatives" are managed. Null so far has proven adept at get adjustments to game changes which can impact their income.

  5. Well, high sec miners were complaining about getting bumped, so CCP did something to make bumping harder, at least for the Procurer. And it is a high sec solution, since high sec miners don't, except for some rare exceptions, mine while aligned. Miners

    The option you want, a module to allow bumping, isn't going to happen. That would require a major overhaul of the physics engine. Don't hold your breath on that one.