Wednesday, August 20, 2014

SOMERblink 2014: Closing The Doors

Last night just before midnight EVE time, the following statement was posted on SOMERblink:


  1. Hey can you pass the popcorn this has been a great read

  2. I'm curious why you dont consider the matter closed. Could Somers tendrils have possibly been much larger than just the Blink organization and operations?

  3. There's the internal matter of the institutional communication breakdown that led to the Sales VP being in that situation at all, without Community and/or Legal taking the lead. That will be handled internally and we will never hear about it. I can only hope from the outside that the changes and clarifications they make are enough.

    Nor will we hear from CCP about the next couple of steps, at least, not any more than is necessary: establishing the culpability of any of Somerset's lieutenants, and; determining to what extent Markee Dragon had his hands in this. Note that I'm not insinuating that either party is guilty--there isn't enough public information to post anything constructive, as far as I can see--just that Somerset's nearest partners are the obvious next place to look.

    I'm impressed by the way CCP has handled all this so far.

  4. Because when I wrote this yesterday we hadn't heard the final report. I think after what CCP Falcon posted earlier today that it is just about over. I have another post up in about 6 hours.