Friday, August 29, 2014

Random Vacation Thoughts

I'm coming to the end of my vacation.  While I really don't have any coherent story to tell, I've run across a few things I want to note in just a random post.

1.  Final Fantasy XIV is cool - Admittedly, I'm only a 14 level conjurer still, but leveling my crafting classes looks like a lot less of a grind than in other games.  FFXIV has crafting quests like EverQuest 2 that I can run instead of just mindlessly grinding out items.  I like that a lot.  For crafting, I'm up to level 11 in botany, level 12 in carpentry, and level 8 in leatherworking.  I'll need to make a full post about the game some time.

2.  Muddling through EVE - I haven't played as much EVE as I thought I would.  But on the bright side, I've started up my factory planet again using the surplus I'd built up over the past few months.  Now I just need to remember my complete PI setup.  I've also built up my pool of loyalty points to keep stocked up on faction missiles.  I just need to start mining some kernite. 

Did I mention I finally lost my stealth bomber to a rat?  I need to get a replacement ship.  I haven't decided yet.  But since I completed training the last of my racial cruiser skills up to five, I have a wide selection of ships to chose from.  Do I stick with stealth bombers, move up to Force Recon ships (I love the Bellicose hull), or buy a Tengu?

3.  Braces about to come off - When I went off and had my mid-life crisis, instead of doing the normal things, I started playing video games and got braces.  Yesterday I got some good news.  The orthodontist for the first time talked about timing when I can get the braces taken off.  I can have the stupid things off in 2-3 months if all goes well.  Even with a setback, I should have the braces off before Fanfest next year.  I'm not sure about going to Fanfest again, but if I do so, I don't have to worry about braces.

However, the rubber bands are back in my mouth.  Ugh.  I'll try not to let any discomfort from the braces leak into my writing.

4.  Reality intruding - I'm not sure how much "reality" actually exists in the whole Quinnspiracy controversy I read in one of The Mittani's Traffic Control articles Tuesday.  Whenever I hear of a battle between the "social justice warriors" and the "men's rights activists", I just want to close the browser and walk away.  But I went ahead and spent a couple of hours researching the subject.  And no, I'm not posting what I found.  I feel cleaner when I visit botting and hacking forums.  Just because I made myself dumber with what I read doesn't mean I have to inflict the same pain on everyone else.

I only bring this up in light of what was revealed happened in Rotherham.  I keep reading about a "rape culture" on U.S. universities.  These people presided over a real rape culture.  Stories like this are part of the reason I stopped my old political blogging and turned to video games.

Look, I know that people are engaged in a culture war and video games are now an accepted part of the culture.  That doesn't mean I have to like people bringing their politics into my virtual worlds.  I play these games in order to escape from reality for an hour or two.  Unless we're trying to blow up each others internet pixels, can't we all just get along?  In game, of course.

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  1. Man, I *loved* my experience with braces. I got lucky. I had every piece of gear imaginable. 2 types of headgear, a palette expander, an anchor, chains, rubber bands, and still had to have 4 adult bicuspids and 4 wisdom teeth pulled.

    Congrats on your first view of the finish line.