Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Back To NPHI

After a very long day travel day on Monday due to snow in Chicago, I finally got to log back into EVE Online yesterday. Don't ask for my thoughts on Scylla, because I haven't the faintest clue beyond the "download on demand" client. I guess the client is nice, and I didn't have any problems with the cache thingy it performed. One day I'll need to look further into exactly how the cache works, but today is not that day.

While I was stuck in the airport in Boston, I found out that Signal Cartel had begun using out of corp alts in our battles with our newest war target, Absolute Defiance. Unlike our other current war target, Pursuit of Happiness, they seem befuddled by our superior understanding of EVE combat.

Battle footage from Amarr
While at Fanfest, I tried to convince a pilot from Pandemic Legion that while PL theory crafters like Manfred Sideous are good, that Signal Cartel has the best fleet doctrine in EVE. I realized that while we have a cool name, the Hugs Fleet, we didn't have an acronym to use to describe our style.

Apparently, our alliance leadership realized the need, because yesterday Mynxee sent out our latest propaganda, er, I mean, information graphic on Twitter.
I don't want everyone to think that Signal Cartel is all about hunting down war targets delivering hugs. We still keep up to date with the latest information about wormhole connections into and out of Thera. I spent a relaxing time probing down exits and entering them into Tripwire last night. I probably should have spent some time running data and relic sites, but I just wasn't in the mood for that much activity.

However, some members of the corp were busy demonstrating why a guy who writes a blog called The Nosy Gamer might feel at home in Signal Cartel. One, Ishtar Komarova, spent some time in Fountain poking around the war zone and posted his pics on Reddit. He's gotten a pretty good reception. I really liked this reply...
"Stop making Eve look fun, it's bad for CFC morale."
Honestly, that's not our intention. The Eve-Scount Enclave is completely neutral and are an NPHI alliance. But don't expect us to stop having fun because we like sticking our noses into places others might not want us.

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