Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fanfest 2015: Presentations of Interest

An easy post for any blogger here in Reykjavik to write is one on which Fanfest events we intend to attend. I have taken the Golden Circle tour twice and I recommend it to anyone who comes to attend Fanfest. The pub crawl? I'm getting too old for that. So this year, my post is just about the presentations I plan to attend.

I know that a lot of people make a big deal about attending the round tables. Quite frankly, I usually find them a waste of time, so I only go if none of the main rooms have an event I want to attend. Well, except for the Security one, but I have a special interest in that subject.

So here are the presentations I tentatively plan on attending this year...


Noon -  Opening Keynote: Welcome to Fanfest and the Future of VR (Tranquility)

"CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson welcomes you to Fanfest and then is joined by others in discussing the future of virtual reality at CCP. Includes an updated look at and information about EVE: Valkyrie and more!"

Noizy: Going to the opening ceremony is almost mandatory, isn't it?

13:00 - Sovereignty 5.0 (Tranquility)

"CCP Fozzie looks back at the history of Sovereignty design in EVE, covering the new Sovereignty system coming this Summer, and revealing how you can be one of the first people to try it out!"

Noizy: Almost another no brainer. The only reason I can see the session not occurring in Tranquility is that the room is unavailable after the keynote. Either that, or the keynote is 2 hours long and most of the crowd will walk out in the middle.

14:00 - EVE IP Development (Rens)

"Learn about what's happening in books, comics, ship models and other media for EVE. How do you think we should be expanding the EVE Universe so far? How could we improve?"

Noizy: One of the round table discussions. Perhaps I should attend the Game Design in Tranquility instead. I can still change my mind.

15:00 - The Most Pivotal Decision in Nullsec History (Serenity)

"This presentation will break down the history of what occurred between September and December 2005 as Band of Brothers chose, unprovoked, to invade the southern industrial powerhouse Ascendant Frontier. It will cover the situation leading up to the war, the invasion itself, and the cascading post-war effects which - more than any other single event - shaped the history of nullsec even to this day. - Andrew Groen, author of A History of the Great Empires of EVE Online."

Noizy: Andrew is writing a book on the subject of EVE's history, so I'd like to hear a little about his research.

15:25 - Eve Fan Art (Serenity)

"Join popular EVE Blogger, Pirate and Fan Artist Rixx Javix (Bryan Ward) as he talks about the place EVE Fan Art has in the community and announces several exciting new projects you won't want to miss."

Noizy: Rixx Javix. Do I need to say anything else?

16:00 - Cap Boosting Your EVE (Multiplicity)

"Ever find yourself running low on cap to play EVE? CCP Manifest and CCP Guard discuss tips, tricks and habits you can use both inside the client and out of game to really get more out of your EVE experience."

Noizy: Okay, I need to take notes on this one.

17:00 - EVE Online Keynote (Tranquility)

"Executive Producer CCP Seagull and guests present upcoming features, future vision and roadmap, and all the EVE Online news at Fanfest this year, including CSM election results"

Noizy: Mandatory, red pen CTA. Also need to take a phote of the CSM results. That should prove interesting.


11:00 - Community Fansites (Rens)

"Do you run a community Fansite? Interested in making something for everyone? Find out what plans CCP has for the program and come give your Feedback."

Noizy: Depending on how Thursday night goes, I may skip all of the 11 am sessions.

Noon - Make EVE Real - Creating Planetary Civilizations (Tranquility)

"Our planet is not what it used to be. With the advanced technology that mankind wields and has yet to develop, humans have become a major geological force. This suggests that technological intelligence might become a permanent property on Earth and perhaps elsewhere in the universe. Dr. David Grinspoon will present an evolutionary view of the arrival of life and intelligence on planet Earth from the perspective of comparative planetology, and address the question, 'how can powerful, world-changing technology be applied toward ensuring - rather than threatening - the survival of a planetary civilization?'"

Noizy: The "Make EVE Real" series is usually pretty good so I'll attend this session with some interest.

13:00 - Survival Guide in Legacy Code (Singularity)

"CCP Tuxford goes into details on the dreaded 'legacy code of EVE'. How bad is the legacy code issue in EVE Online´s codebase, how did it get this way and what are we doing to fix it."

Noizy: Seriously, how can I NOT attend this one?

14:00 - Ship and Module Balance (Tranquility)

"CCP Rise and CCP Fozzie look back at changes made in the last year, touch on what is just around the corner and also give status updates on long term plans for ship and module balance."

Noizy: Sorry CSM, but I really want to see the next phase of ship rebalancing.

15:00 - Data Science behind EVE (Multiplicity)

"CCP Quant will give an overview of the vast amounts of data generated on TQ, CCP's data platform, and the major analytical projects and visualizations that come out of it."

Noizy: What can I say? I like data. Plus, I think this is the closest we get to an economy presentation.

16:00 - Data Science (Rens)

"Team Analytics and Data Science will follow up on CCP Quant's data science presentation, providing additional insights and answering questions regarding stats and the economy in EVE Online."

Noizy: The last event of the day for me, as I don't plan on attending Worlds Collide or the pub crawl.


11:00 - From Science Fiction to Science Fact (Singularity)

"A group of capsuleers, who also coincidentally happen to be real-life NASA-affiliated stellar experts, are here to bridge the gap between science fiction and science fact in this panel about all things spaceship related."

Noizy: This sounds like another no brainer, assuming I get up in time.

Noon - Behaving Like a Boss with AI (Singularity)

"In the last few months with arrival of the Drifters we have introduced NPCs with new capabilites and behaviors. CCP Frellicus will give an overview of technology behind the new AI system, explain how it works and give some details on the implementation."

Noizy: I have to attend one PvE session, don't I? This one sounds like the best.

13:00 - 15:00 - Break. At this point, I figure I'll sit back and relax.

15:00 - CCP Security - Better Safe Than Sorry! (Tranquility)

"Drop by and get an update on the work of CCP Security. Buzzwords: Botting, RMT, Input-Multiplexing & Broadcasting, Security Awareness and Account Security."

Noizy: How am I not sitting in the audience for this one?

16:00 - CCP Security - Better Safe Than Sorry! (Dodixie)

"In the security roundtable you will have the chance to ask questions regarding the security presentation and about all things security in CCP and EVE Online."

Noizy: Just about mandatory for me, I think.

17:00 - Closing Ceremony (Tranquility)

"Join us for a recap of this year’s Fanfest and a look forward to what EVE fans can expect in the next year."

Noizy: Another mandatory session.


  1. Sounds like an interesting program. If I didn't have to work at the times I'd be watching streams.

  2. "15:00 - CCP Security - Better Safe Than Sorry! (Tranquility)

    "Drop by and get an update on the work of CCP Security. Buzzwords:
    Botting, RMT, Input-Multiplexing & Broadcasting, Security Awareness
    and Account Security."

    Noizy: How am I not sitting in the audience for this one?"

    Well in retrospect I think the answer is that you wasn't physically able to sit in the audience for this one, since you had to be on the stage ;)