Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Winding Down

The weather reports coming from Iceland indicate this was a good week not to hold Fanfest, but I'm ready for a vacation anyway. I think I'm about set, although I need to make an unscheduled stop at the orthodontist to get something fixed before I leave for the airport on Saturday. While some people choose to stay a couple days after Fanfest, I've found I like going a couple of days early and watch how Reykjavik changes as EVE players slowly make their presence felt. This year, I'm glad that I've left some extra travel time both before and after Fanfest.

I'm glad that CCP has decided to publish the dev blogs on the next phase of the sov revamp early instead of during the week of Fanfest. Last year I was trying to digest the dev blogs and enjoy my vacation at the same time. Yes, listening to Neville Smit read dev blogs in the hotel lobby to everyone was cool, but I'm ready for a different experience this year.

I guess I need this Fanfest to recharge my batteries. With the whole ISBoxer situation combined with the CSM election, I feel drained right now. But the election over today and Lord's Servant hopefully getting through to ISBoxer users, hopefully I can just relax next week. Except for the situation with my braces, I think I'm ready. My new adapter cord for my new laptop arrived in the mail yesterday, so I'm set on that front. The only thing left to do, really, is print out my itinerary, do laundry on Friday and pack my suitcase.

Well, I also have to take care of a couple of things at work, since my backup was laid off since the last time I took an extended vacation.  But even that's just about done. Then I can shut my brain down for a couple of days and actually relax. I'm really looking forward to visiting the Celtic Cross again.


  1. Man I envy you... and everyone who can make it, this year and all these years before... =] Have a good trip, have a good Fanfest and Fly Safe (for reals)!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you there again, Noizy! Like you, I'm taking it easy this year - no extracurricular events scheduled. Just going to hang out, chill (perhaps literally, according to the weather forecast) and enjoy Fanfest. Let me buy you a round at the Celtic Cross - I'm staying at the CenterHotel Klopp this time, which is nearby. One other thing: I will be doing another dramatic reading of Dev Blogs again, in the Thingholt lobby, if any are released during Fanfest. :-)