Monday, March 9, 2015

Cleaning Up The Leftovers

Sometimes when playing games, I decide to veer off in a new direction. That's what I did when I joined Signal Cartel. Roaming the galaxy, hunting down Thera exits, and going on Hugs fleets are all fun things. But I still have unfinished business to take care of. What do I do with my alts?

My alts are optimized for an entirely different style of play. For over a year I've sold faction ammuntion, which involves a little mining and a lot of missions. Fortunately, my chosen way of acquiring loyalty points involves doing lots of courier missions in blockade runners in low sec, with a splash of mining missions in low sec. Those skills translate well into other areas of space as long as I remember to account for bubbles.

I think one of my alts, Wandering Rose, is ready for the switch. She can fly a Prospect pretty well and her scanning skills, with Astrometric Acquisition, Astrometric Pinpointing, and Astrometric Rangefinding all trained to 4, are decent. All I need to do is pick up a mobile depot and I can range into null sec via Thera to pick up some high ends, then bring them back to station to turn the good blueprints Rosewalker finds into salable items. Maybe I'll even start doing a little gas harvesting. I hear that can make some good ISK.

I also need to switch my production over to exploration ships and equipment. Wandering Rose's current standings with the Sisters of EVE corporation sits at 9.8, which means I probably should set up shop in an SoE station. Well, sell from one, at least. Living in high sec is just too creepy. How can anyone live in systems with so many people around? I'm telling you, it's unnatural.

The only things left to decide what to do with are my existing store in Bosena and my PI colonies. I've basically already abandoned both, with my store in Bosena only having 35 million ISK in sell orders up now. I guess the decision is whether to try to stock it back up. I think not.

Perhaps I should just convert my PI into something really low maintenance that I don't have to pay much attention to. But that seems like more work than I really want to do. I've never really liked planetary interaction. The feature tends to tie one to an area and I don't feel like getting tied down. I just want to fly around, enjoy the scenery, and pick up some semi-phat loot.

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  1. Can alway sell unwanted alts in the character bazaar. I do wish that PI allowed for range custom office transfers. But even if it followed the mechanics of regional range - won't help being in a WH.