Friday, March 27, 2015

Thoughts On The CSM 10 Election Results

I haven't touched on the results of the election for the Council of Stellar Management yet. While the raw results and audit logs are now available (sorry, I don't have the link), I haven't had time to do any analysis that way. So instead, I'll just give some quick thoughts on the winners.

Sugar Kyle (Permanent Seat) - Sugar getting re-elected, sure. But with as much as Sugar hates the campaign season, this happening ...
Round beginning - 3 candidates remain
21583 votes, 7195 quota
Initial talley: 
9080 "Sugar Kyle" 
6275 "Sion Kumitomo" 
6228 "Manfred Sideous"
Actions:  Elected: "Sugar Kyle" 
Transfer from "Sugar Kyle":   
Votes: 9080.000000, Factor: 0.207599, Excess: 1885.000000   
1242.273128 votes to Exhausted   
457.548458 votes to "Manfred Sideous"   
185.178414 votes to "Sion Kumitomo" 
Elimination: "Sion Kumitomo" with 6460.178414 votes

... I honestly didn't see it coming. But she deserved the win. I don't expect Sugar to burn out, although she may not finish out the term if certain people keep screwing around. I don't think CCP allows people to serve from a jail cell. But, as long as she's able to keep her self-control, I expect she'll continue to do an outstanding job.

Manfred Sidious (Permanent Seat) - I'm glad that Manny won a permanent seat, because he'd definitely get an invitation to attend both summits anyway. I don't expect him to have as high a profile as Sugar, but I expect a lot of the EVE media will want him as a guest, so his visibility may become even higher than now. I should also add that having Manny under an NDA so they can ask him everything should help CCP with the changes in sovereignty system a lot.

Sion Kumitomo - With the White Paper up for review, I expect Sion to have an outlet for his organizational expertise. I'm also interested to see what results of his calls for greater transparency.

Chance Ravinne - Chance was the best of the new players running and should bring an interesting point of view to CSM. I just hope he isn't the typical marketing guy, ready to market anything. EVE still needs some polish before hitting the mainstream market. Like, ending the stagnation of the current state of null and making structures not resemble instruments of torture. But I expect EVE to reach that point either at the end of this year or the beginning of next. If Chance can help with good advice on how to position CCP properly, then I'll take that as a win.

corbexx - Leaving aside the silliness of parking his main in Goonswarm while he enjoys playing EVE on his alts, I expect corbexx will continue to do a stellar job representing wormhole space, even while most of CCP concentrates on null. I should add, that stunt was one of the best ways of declaring he's not running for a third term that I've seen.

Sort Dragon - The good news is he has a huge potential for improving upon his performance in CSM 8. The bad news is that's because he was, for all intents and purposes, a no show. Quite frankly, I'm expecting nothing out of Sort Dragon, so anything he contributes is an unexpected bonus.

corebloodbrothers - corebloodbrothers was quietly effective in CSM 9 and I don't expect that to change in CSM 10. Don't expect anything flashing, but with changes to null coming, we may hear more from him publicly.

Mike Azariah - I expect Mike to continue what he's does best; act as a gadfly and obtaining one last big benefit for the incursion community. I do hope that, as he's announced he won't run for CSM 11, that he helps groom someone from the high sec carebear community to take his place. The most obvious candidate is Lorelei Ierendi, who came in 15th in this year's election and I believe Mike has contact with.

Cagali Cagali - Can Cagali balance the demands of  CSM with his responsibilities in Brave? I'm not so sure now given the recent leadership turmoil in HERO. Cagali is someone to definitely watch in CSM 10.

Steve Ronuken - I consider Steve an industrialist, with no regard to security band. Given the election results, Steve may wind up the third most important voice, behind Manny and Endie, on the sov revamp. That's because of the importance of the industrial index to defending systems. The industrial index currently only takes mining into account. CCP plans to expand the activities that make up the industrial index in the very near future and I expect Steve to offer significant input on that change. Oh, and he'll keep doing his thing working with CCP Foxfour, which is kind of important, too.

Gorga - I lump Gorga in with Sort Dragon. A clear bloc candidate. If he does anything, I'll consider that a bonus.

Jayne Fillon - After only a week, I really, really regret that Bam Stroker wasn't elected instead. Jayne is a very specialized, PvP-centric character with an NPSI background. He doesn't really offer a whole lot to CCP. I don't want to go into his behavior during the first week after the election. Quite frankly, he's left me shaking my head in disbelief. Maybe he'll settle down once he signs the NDA and sees how the CSM actually functions. But if he doesn't get his head out of his ass, he'll quickly become irrelevant.

Thoric Frosthammer - I'm going to reserve my judgement about Thoric. Quite frankly, since he ran on the same ticket as Sion and Endie, he's naturally going to look like a weak link. Ask me about Thoric again once the Summer Summit rolls around

Endie - Everything I said about Manfred Sideous applies to Endie. The voters made a great choice in electing Endie.


  1. What happened with Jayne in the first week? I'm afraid I missed that.

  2. Viince_SnettertonMarch 27, 2015 at 1:17 PM

    So goons have at least 25% direct representation, plus at least one or 2 other null sec cartel reps, plus likely another sleeper agent inside the lobby group known as the CSM. Yeah, high sec is done, if CCP lacks the wisdom to ignore ANYTHING this clown group suggests.

    I thought that CCP had turned a corner when they axed many of the C-level execs, and raised the ire of the cartels with the nerfs to jump ranges. I thought that maybe, just maybe, the investors had read the riot act to upper mgmt at CCP, and we were entering a period of common sense changes to the game

    I think this CSM will really test that hypothesis. Does CCP have the guts to ignore a lobby group dominated by people dedicated to skewing the game completely for null sec cartels, at the cost of every other gamestyle?

    We will know in the next 3-6 months.

  3. Jayne Fillon was always going to be the Funky Bacon of CSM 10. Expect similar results or lack thereof.

  4. A concerned MinmatarMarch 28, 2015 at 2:17 AM

    Wormholer here. I was happy with corbexx last year, but I have no confidence that he will continue to represent us fairly from GSF. Wouldn't have had him on my list if he had been upfront about it. In fact I'm feeling rather betrayed.

  5. Utter rubbish. It's been quite clear what CCP's direction has been ever since Seagull's first keynote. We all know that player gates is the big thing and that lots of stuff has to be worked on to get there.

    I live in w-space but I agree that null needs love a lot more than highsec, if only because CCP started fixing null with the jump changes and they can't lose that momentum now. Go read Sugar's post on the PVE round table and I think you'll find that highsec's prospects aren't as bleak as it seems.

  6. Yeah, please elaborate. We're not all of us Bruce Lee's of following the meta :)

  7. I pity there is no mechanism for a "motion of no confidence".

  8. 1. First day, started with a troll about being available to join an alliance. Kind of like what corbexx did, but I think he started his before the stunt at the CSM session.

    2. Quickly announced he was going to police people for activity while at the same time speculating who would get onto CSM if certain people were kicked off.

    3. Came up with a bizarre proposal which involved making the number of asteroid belts as common as ice sites in the name of promoting "community".

    Let's just say, he's not filling me with confidence.

  9. Hi, Dinsdale - we've missed you.

  10. What I noticed was that you need quite a few votes of your own to survive long enough to receive transfereable votes in any number.
    -UAX was eliminated with 1099 preferential votes but not enough cross-support from eliminated candidates to keep him in the running until the end.
    -Xenuria managed to end up in the top 20!
    712 direct votes plus almost 300 transfereable votes totaling 1106.