Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fanfest 2015: Weather Alert

I read a lot on how a lot of people are jealous of those of us going to Fanfest. But with the latest weather news coming out of Iceland, I think a lot of people who live in warmer climates are probably rethinking those thoughts.

CCP published an announcement to all Fanfest attendees reminding them that Iceland can have bad weather. Having had first-hand experience with the weather in the past, I can say the problem isn't so much the cold itself, it's the mitigating circumstances. For one, in Chicago, we have a dry cold. In Reykjavik, sitting on the ocean as it does, the cold is a damp cold. Secondly, the wind can really whip around. I have a picture of myself somewhere standing in front of the Harpa with the wind blowing the legs of my jeans to the side like a flag. With the weather this year, I'm glad that check-in for Fanfest will last all week. I realize that the check-in lines go really quickly, but standing out in that wind? No thanks.

I'm not too worried, as I still have my water-proof jacket from 2013. The jacket proved a bit warm by the weekend, but when the snow fell early that week I could throw on a couple of layers and I was fine. Looking at Chicago's forecast for Saturday, I think I can wear my winter coat on the way to O'Hare, so that means I can throw the lighter jacket in my luggage. Throw in my hat, scarf, and gloves and I should have no problems with the weather.

However, for those from warmer climates (which during the winter usually includes Iceland), don't forget to dress warmly! Even CCP Guard thinks it's cold.

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  1. It does look a bit blustery from the weather reports. 35F and 25mph winds off the North Atlantic can make for an invigorating combination.

    Stay warm! Have fun!