Thursday, June 20, 2024

An Unexpected Visitor To My Island Sanctuary

On Monday I managed to finally complete the main story questline (MSQ) for Endwalker patches 6.5 and 6.55. With the completion of the MSQ I thought all I had to do is some housekeeping tasks and wait for the early release date of 28 June to begin a new adventure. But I had a surprise awaiting me on my island sanctuary the next day.

I had a message waiting for me from Tataru about another group of visitors she was bringing to visit me on my island, so I walked down to the beach to meet them

Having Jullus and his friends show up was a bit of a surprise because I had not checked the Wiki lately. But the visit made sense. The last time I'd seen Jullus was in the Tertium rail station in Garlemald urging  Alphinaud and Alisaie to take a vacation, preferably somewhere warm. So who shows up to take a break someplace warm? Have to love the writers.

Of course, much like the twins, Jullus and friends don't really take a break and wind up helping around the island. Doing all the farm tasks around the island makes the group remember the days before the war when they lived on farms.

Of course, being Final Fantasy XIV, we needed a campfire scene at the end of the day. The writers always manage to pull out the campfire at an opportune time. For me, the timing was especially good as I waited so long to finish the MSQ. A visit from a character who started Endwalker as an enemy but ended the expansion as a friend seems the true fitting end to the expansion.

At the end, Tataru informed me that this was her last visit to the island as she had no more visitors to escort. And in a way that was fitting. Next week begins a new chapter in Final Fantasy XIV's story and I'll put my island into maintenance mode. 

I'll probably only have one or two more posts about my island sanctuary, but I'll really have a problem letting go of the place. I've grown attached to my island over the past year and really don't want to see it fade away. Hopefully I can turn the island into enough passive income to justify the effort in my gamer brain. I don't have to worry about my heart. My island sanctuary had me at hello.

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