Friday, November 29, 2013

How The CSM Helped Me Win (A Copy Of) EVE

I'm sure a lot of EVE players have experienced this problem.  You've purchased EVE: The Second Decade Collector's Edition and, because you have two accounts, don't know to which account to apply the codes that come in the box.  I purchased the Collector's Edition but hadn't applied any codes because I play on both my main accounts a lot and didn't know which one I really wanted to mark as special.  I wasn't about to purchase a second Collector's Edition just to resolve the problem. 

My eyes lit up a couple of weeks ago when I saw that Raptr was going to live-stream a presentation on EVE with devs answering questions for 2 hours afterward.  Of course, the program occurred at the same time as the CSM Town Hall on 16 November.  And as any good EVE player would do, I went to the one offering loot.  Raptr was offering a Collector's Edition to the two people who submitted the best questions to the devs and 20 rookie pirate ships to people who submitted questions.

I figured I wouldn't win a Collector's Edition, but a rookie pirate ship would really look nice to fly around high sec.  So I decided to submit a question.  But since the Raptr event was probably going to overshadow the CSM event, I figured I'd throw in a second CSM-related question.  Here are my questions and the answers I received:
For all the devs: If you had to create a new character, what race would you choose and why? 

For CCP Xhagen: In all your time working with the Council of Stellar Management, who was your favorite member to work with?

CCP Affinity: "Since beta all my characters are Minmatar, I really like their backstory and ship design."

CCP Karkur:  "Is Jove a valid answer? Just because!"

CCP Eterne:  "Amarr victor!"

CCP Xhagen:  "Your question smells suspiciously like a trap! :) I'm going to take the diplomatic route and say that I made many good friends through the CSM and I talk with some of them still on personal notes, even though they've left the council. 

"And if I say that Trebor is my fav, will that make him not run again? :P"
A few days later someone from Raptr contacted me and informed me I won.  Turns out following the news and the CSM paid off.  I waited until now to write about the win because I didn't receive my copy of the Collector's Edition until Wednesday.

So while I didn't officially win EVE (I'm still logging in) I did win a copy of EVE.  Now to figure out how to apply the codes.

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