Wednesday, November 27, 2013

PLEX For Good - Philippines Typhoon Relief

Once again CCP is allowing players to turn their space money into donations to the Icelandic Red Cross, this time to help relief efforts needed in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan.  The effort will culminate with an eight hour livestream from 1300 - 2100 UTC (EVE time) on 7 December on CCP's Twitch channel.  With over $43,000 already raised the current drive is already the most successful ever.  CCP is looking into arranging for viewers to give donations directly to the Icelandic Red Cross through PayPal so that may be an option during the livestream as well.

For those looking to contribute PLEX to the cause, make sure to contract the PLEX to CCP PLEX For GOOD.  As of the time I post this, no other character has "PLEX For GOOD" in the name.

Accept no substitues
Of course, someone has already tried to scam people with a fake character.  I believe that character and player were both deleted from New Eden.  EVE is a sandbox, but even a sandbox has rules.  Not scamming real life fundraisers for disaster relief is one of them.


  1. CCP is pouncing hard, fast, and brutal on anyone who tries to create a character to scam this.

  2. Just a minor thing, but maybe setting the sec status for this character to 10.0 would go a long way to countering fake characters? 10.0 is hard to fake on short notice.

    Either way, put my PLEX in. We were fortunate enough to have the typhoon dissipate completely before touching Vietnam, but I know a lot of Filipinos who had family affected by it.

    Hats off to CCP for the effort. Our grim dark universe fosters a warm, glowing community.