Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Digital Dozen: 19 November 2013

The rankings of the top twelve MMORPGs as determined by the players of the Xfire community from play on Sunday, 17 November 2013.  For more details about the methodology, click here.  Historical data can be found here.

Rank Prev Week Game ScoreHours Played +/- %
11World of Warcraft 45.9 14,796+3.5
22Guild Wars 214.64,700+5.6
33Star Wars: The Old Republic9.22,982+2.2
44Final Fantasy XIV7.12,297-17.9
65EVE Online3.81,236-18.5
99Lord of the Rings Online2.7873-12.5
1010Planetside 22.4766+20.8
1112Infestation: Survivor Stories1.9604+11.6
Total Digital Dozen Hours: 32,245

The Xfire community for the eighth time in nine weeks spent less time playing MMORPGs Sunday than the week before.  But in a sign that interest may pick up again, the decline was only 0.4%.   Last week's #11 ranked game, APB: Reloaded, dropped off the list this week while Neverwinter made its first appearance in The Digital Dozen in four weeks.

Blizzcon Bump - While World of Warcraft lost 100,000 subscribers in the third quarter, the game is taking up a bigger and bigger share of the play time of the Xfire community.  Following Blizzcon, WoW achieved its highest Digital Dozen score since getting a 46.4 on 4 November 2012.

OMFG! - On 12 November SOE released phase one of Operation: Make Faster Game for Planetside 2.  Apparently the optimization patch worked as the Xfire community spent 20.8% more hours playing the game on Sunday compared to the previous weekend.

Calm Before The Storm? - Two days before the launch of the Rubicon expansion, EVE Online experienced an 18.5% decline in the hours played by the Xfire community.  Are players just waiting for the new ships and putting activity on hold?  I went back to the Sunday before the summer expansion Odyssey launched, but that gave no clues to any trends and the Tranquility shard suffered a DDoS attack that day.  I guess an 18.5% drop is actually an improvement.


  1. So, a lot of weeks you talk about GW2 losing players, now GW2 gain more hours played and you talk nothing?


    1. Actually, there was a rise, but it didn't make up for the previous weeks fall. The up and down nature of Guild Wars 2 due to the patch cycle is pretty old news. The big news with GW2 would have been if it didn't rise this week.

    2. Week to week, the swings aren't too telling for GW2 due to the nature of the patches. Only thing that matters is long-term trends.


  2. In case you weren't aware (you probably are) the reason for LOTRO's decline is likely due to the data center power issues they had Sunday/Monday

  3. It's possible a certain amount of Eve's players are also are fans of Egosoft's X series of games and put their weekend aside to fight with ... I mean play ... the latest release Rebirth.

    I actually gave up and went back to playing X3 Albion Prelude until they've fixed a lot of things and I'm supposed to be reviewing it for a friend's having website!

  4. would that be the week right after the fail cascade 'event' in eve-online that disgusted just a teensy amount of players?