Friday, November 8, 2013

Something Faction Warfare Doesn't Screw Up

I was reading Mabrick's blog and a thought struck me reading his latest blog post.  He wrote about doing level 4 distribution missions for Inesmir Jimud, an agent for the Sisters of EVE located in the 0.9 system of Gicodel in Everyshore.  He wrote doing the missions is pretty easy money and helps set a player up with Sisters of EVE standings, which is another good thing given how prominent a role the Sisters will play in the upcoming storyline over the next 2-3 years.

But the additional thought I had is that the Sisters are becoming a major faction I can work for without joining factional warfare.   I know, I know, factional warfare is respectable today.  But I just can't do it.  I'm a low sec carebear, true.  But those faction bears give us honest carebears a bad name.  I may fly from station to station and enjoy some quality time in the belts, but someone getting more rewards for flying around a stupid button in a stab-fitted frigate is just crazy.

Yes, CCP has catered a bit to the faction bear.  Invention and data cores?  Shift the money to factional warfare.  I even hear members can buy the slot 1-5 implants from their store.  Okay, that screws the courier bots by decreasing their profits, but that also decreases mine as well.  I don't mind if the faction bears get access to the navy mods and ships.  People participating in factional warfare should get cool stuff like that.  I just don't want to complete with them on non-faction items as well.

The Sisters of EVE, especially now with the introduction of the Astero and Stratois, changes that.  Even though I don't plan on training the lasers needed to fly the Stratois anytime soon, a lot of people are interested in Sisters goods right now.  So I have something else I can sell now to make a little ISK.  Hopefully the Sisters are smart enough to stay above the fray, because they have more important things to do.


  1. Noizy I've been playing Eve since May 2009 and faction warfare (FW) is the best fun I've had since starting Eve. I've tried everything: Null-sec, wormhole, pve, mining etc... There's more to FW than just "flying around a stupid button." It's a place where a noob player learn about PVP or an experienced player can try his had at fleet command. I can tell you this, a noob player can have a lot more fun sooner in FW than in PVE. The noob can be flying tackle of Ewar in less than a day but in PVE it takes at least 1 month to get to lvl 4 missions and the skills to fly the ships required to run them - and that's playing about 2 hours a day everyday. I wish the folks that introduced me to Eve in 2009 would have pointed me to FW. Anyway I like your posts - keep up the good work. Fly boldly carebear:-)

  2. personally if i ever leave null again ill be going back to FW, so much fun and the isk u can make is quite good and funds the pvp habit really well, granted u find a number of unlikeable people wherever you go but all in all there are alot of up sides to FW