Thursday, November 21, 2013

I Need A Plan B

Perhaps the maintenance crew didn't switch out the pod goo properly, but I was pretty disappointed when I read VG24/7's interview with CCP's Chief Marketing Officer and Interim Executive Producer David Reid.1 I knew that CCP Seagull's vision of player-made star gates jumping into the great unknow would take years to build and was ready to ride the story for that time. But expecting David Reid to hold back on information that could help him sell the game now is pretty silly in its own right.

EVE University's Neville Smit has a really good write-up on the future of Eve that explores the meaning of the information that Mr. Reid revealed and why the interview actually is the real thing and not just another flawed attempt by a games journalist to explain what is happening in Eve.  In my view he took away some of those potential "holy shit" moments that CSM Vice-Chairman Ripard Teg has referred to.  So yeah, advancing the main story line will require players to run ghost sites for the next 3-4 years.  I would have preferred to learn that as the story progressed and not before we crossed the Rubicon.

So with the spoilers, part of the incentive of just going with the flow of the main story is gone.  Exploring around low sec hoping to find something in some out of the way system of vast importance just isn't going to happen.  Just that possibility, even knowing I probably would find nothing, would have spiced up the game for me.  Now?  Thanks Mr. Reid!

So now is time for Plan B.  I'd tell you the details, but I don't have one made yet.  I have a little time as I'm still grinding loyalty points for the Sisters of EVE.  But I have a lot of vacation time I need to take before the end of the year so I'll have some time to come up with one.

1.  I refuse to use his dev name as I believe using it may violate point 2 of the Terms of Service.


  1. 1. I refuse to use his dev name as I believe using it may violate point 2 of the Terms of Service."

    Of all the things I,respectfully, disagree with in your post, this is just sophomoric. You were not quoting HIM,you are quoting a published article from VG24/7... not a private, ingame or forum post.

    CCP may occasionally pull bone headed moves, like leading rafts of Hisec players to null slaughterhouses... or idiotically ignoring Rixx Javix when he repeatedly ASKED to discuss selling "his" artwork and then closing him down while ignoring all the other sites selling EVE Logoed art and such...

    But your above NOTE is you being childish and nit pickey, and in this case flat out wrong, over some of CCP's rules like you are trying to make some kinda point... come on man, yer better than that.

    1. Yes, the note is silly. But so is Pokethulhu.

      I had planned on adding in a tweet from Neville to really reinforce the silliness of my position but I was running behind schedule and wound up modifying the post a bit to take that part out.

      Yes, I know my position won't make sense to most people and most people are happy that Mr. Reid spilled the beans on a couple of major points of what is going to happen over the next 3-4 years. My falling into the minority is nothing new. I am a low sec carebear, after all.

      But, the disappointment is real. So is making up a new plan going forward in EVE. There are a lot of possibilities out there for some really interesting game play. I just need to not rely on CCP to hand me that game play on a silver platter. I need to really dig in and figure it out for myself.

  2. Sorry to have ruined some of the fun of the evolving story, Noisy! By the way, EVE University has responded to the latest developments with a new project for sharing Ghost Site and Star Gate technology information:

  3. Noisy, I get it get... and I appreciate your position actually, I too really like some fog-of-the-future in my game. The deeper immersion that comes from not knowing the Plans of the Gods if you will, yet...

    One of the things we need to take into account is that, while I love the virtuality of EvE (it is one of my absolute top priorities as an EvE player and blogger) EvE is, in point of fact, a game... and as such having one of the Gods of New Eden come down from on high for an interview is... well from that perspective it's a little weird for one thing but it does give us the ability to ask questions of an Oracle as twere. Someone who brings portents and signs of the future... a Guide to Light the Way. I prefer to think along those lines rather than "Spoiler Alert!"

    All they have really said is that the Ghost Sites are going to be VERY IMPORTANT to player built Star Gates for the future exploration and expansion of the New Eden cluster. From the perspective of the Gods of New Eden, this is a Good Thing™ and will cause Increased Player Interaction™. Instead of players thinking "Oh great, another PvE site." knowing that EvE PvE sux they will probably see them as just CCP attempting somekinda New and Improved PvE Site™ (that will probably still suc) not realizing the importance of these sites to the future of EvE. Yes, eventually we would have figured out, but as we all know there are groups in EvE who have the resources to possibly, if not probably, put two and two together a bit earlier than the rest of us... and I can garuantee they would not share ANY knowledge and would use that knowledge to their sole advantage.

    Forewarned with the Oracle's Prpphesies ALL New Edenites can get involved, not just the largest groups, and EVE Uni's "Ascension Project" (kudos EUni and is exactly that. An open source. co-operative program for the good of New Eden, for the good of us all. Without forwarning, The Ascension Project would not exist... and I see this as nothing but a good thing.

    So, instead of jumping on the Anti-CCP bandwagon, something I am getting severely 'up-to-here' with (not you so much Noisy as in general...) why don't you look for the intent and the good that can come, for ALL of us, from a little foreknowledge.