Friday, February 13, 2015

A Familiar Face On YouTube

With the closing of applications to run for CSM 10 two days away, I thought I'd look back to last year at someone who doesn't want to run again.  Of the five candidates I picked to vote for, only one, DNSBLACK, didn't win.  But I don't think he's too sad about it.  He told me after last year's election that members of his alliance didn't want him to win because they didn't want him to disappear off into CSM land.  And recently he sent me a message stating he's glad he doesn't have to follow the NDA.  That would kill him.

One hallmark of DNSBLACK's campaign last year was the series of YouTube videos he did to explain his positions on issues.  Looks like he was bitten by the YouTube bug, because he's coming out with a series of videos on gaming in general.  He sent me the first one and I thought it was pretty good.

One thing about DNSBLACK is that he usually brings a lot of passion to whatever he does, and his first video is no exception.  He's also building a website and, while it's still under construction, I'm glad to see he's also uploading videos to Vimeo.  I'm not saying that YouTube sometime's goes crazy with the DMCA takedowns, but not relying on YouTube on his personal site is probably a good idea.

Oh, if you haven't watched the video yet, spoiler alert: no spaceships.  The video is just some observations about gaming and culture, and I expect the other 9 videos he's planning to follow in that vein.  But that's okay.  Sometimes we all need a reminder that life is more than work and flying around in internet spaceships.

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  1. " is more than work and flying around in internet spaceships" Blasphemy!!!! Blasphemy I say!!!!