Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Wednesday Night Roam

Sometimes I just have the urge to fly around EVE.  So, after doing the bare minimum on the CSM election coverage front as I could get away with, I headed off to Thera and points unknown.

On the way to the nearest entrance, I saw one of the new unidentified structure sites and had to take a look.  Let's just say, those structures are huge.

An Unidentified Structure

The image above was taken from a distance of 130 km and I still only managed to get 3/4 of the structure into the screenshot.  The site was also in Minmatar high sec, as the nearest entrance to Thera was in high sec and I didn't feel like making an extended trip just to stay in low sec.

Seekers Gonna Seek
I didn't see any battleships, but the Circadian Seekers were hard at work analyzing the beacon at the site.  I'm not sure what they're looking for though, to me, it just looked like a standard navigational beacon.  One of the weirdest parts is that when I approached stealthed, the Seekers warped off as a fleet.  I tried to follow, but my hunting skills apparently are sub-par and I lost them.

After my stop in high sec, I continued to Thera.  KapTaiN KaVerN had Eve-Scout up to date, so I decided to go to the Great Wildlands and poke around that area for awhile.  The exit didn't take me far into the region, but would get me past the seemingly permanent gate camp I witnessed when I did a little exploring in Great Wildlands last year.

I didn't get too far because I decided to resume making bookmarks in the area.  For those not familar with EVE, Great Wildlands is a null sec region entirely controlled by an NPC faction, Thukker Tribe.  Null sec means bubbles.  Some people think bubbles look pretty, but they are a pain to deal with.  One way I do that is make a bunch of bookmarks I can use to try to get around the pesky things.

In my travels, I spotted another unidentified structure site.  I warped to it to see if any Drifter battleships were hanging around.  No luck, just three Circadian Seekers.

A Pretty Backdrop
After the Seekers warped off (they do that a lot), I uncloaked and positioned myself for a screenshot with a distant nebula as a backdrop for the unidentified structure.  The light, however, was diffused by the ever present cloud that hangs around the structures.

By the end of the night, I was in the middle of Great Wildlands, which is the same as saying the middle of nowhere.  So I did something I've never done before.  I logged off in space.  I think the system I'm in is pretty distant so I won't have any issues when I log back in, but who knows?  But if the CSM stuff doesn't start getting crazy again, I can pick up where I stopped making bookmarks.  Making bookmarks.  And I bet you thought EVE Online was about shooting other people.

So This Is What Intentionally Logging Off Looks Like

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  1. During exploration my friend and I regularly log off in space. Never had an issue. Just usually in a system with no or very few players.