Thursday, February 12, 2015

Divided Attention

Last night I decided I would log into EVE no matter what.  Which basically meant, screw the CSM coverage, although I did listen to Ashterothi's interview while moving some product to market.  My main business is selling ammunition, mainly short-range faction projectile ammunition and missiles for battlecruiser and smaller ships.  In low sec, speed counts, so I don't bother stocking ammunition for battleship-class weapons.  I really needed to do some restocking as I had let the amount of my sell orders creep down to 90 million ISK.  Not good.

So I went through the usual routine of seeing which orders had expired and then purchasing my faction ammo from the loyalty point stores.  After seeing that would only push my sell orders up to 200 million ISK, I broke down and started moving the last of my PI products to the customs office of my factory planet to make some more nanite repair paste.  I still have about 10 days worth of material to process,  I don't really like planetary interaction, but if all I have to do is travel to one planet, that's not such a big deal.  The paste will come in handy if I decide to eventually break down and purchase a Stratios.  If not, I can use the shot in the wallet selling that much paste will bring.

After taking care of the boring business of business, I swapped over to Rosewalker and headed to Thera.  One of the nice things about selling ammunition is that I don't have to go out and run the data and relic sites looking for cash.  I'm free to do other things, like probe down exits.

Looking at EvE-Scout, I saw that no one had updated the list for 4 hours, which meant a lot of undiscovered exits just calling my name.  I couldn't resist the call, if only because Bob might become upset.  After Bob started making volcanoes erupt after the changes to wormhole jump spawn distance were announced, I figured I didn't want to chance not having a place to land when I go to Fanfest in 4 weeks.

I think I'm starting to get the hang of probing down the exits.  I wrote down the signatures that weren't listed on Eve-Scout, ignored those that did, and started going down the list.  In order to report an exit, I have to jump through the wormhole and record the signature and type of the wormhole leading into Thera.  That means when I jump back in, the list refreshes with all the signatures I had previously ignored.  Right now I'm using a notepad (with real paper, not the free program), but I may want to start using a spreadsheet to record my progress in the future.

I managed to find and report five exits to all four types of space.  I also made my first stop in Scalding Pass.  One of these days I really need to do a little more exploring in null sec, but I was on a roll and a lot of exits needed probing down.

I stayed up too late, but hey, I had fun.  Now I just need to figure out Mumble so I can stay in contact with the corp while running around making money on my alts.  Yes, voice comms are just like math.  They're both hard unless you practice.


  1. You should try out Tripwire. It's a free mapping program for wspace. It works in your in-game browser, including the ability to semi-automatically fill in systems. You can share your map with your corp, which would seem like something they should already be doing. If not via Tripwire then some other mapping program.

    Regarding your scanning technique: I think most wspace people scan out all the sigs in a system, warping to them at a distance to get the general information about the other endpoint. (I.e. is it lowsec, null, etc, or wspace, and if wspace, which level.) Only once all sigs are scanned do we start going out and back to find out the specific systems that wormholes go to. This saves time in constantly re-ignoring sigs.

  2. Have you looked at Tripwire for scouting and mapping holes and connections? For maintaining Thera's multiple connections this would be a fantastic tool.

    We in HELPeR use another similar mapping tool... but Tripwire seems to be talked about a LOT and maybe really worth a look for you guys.

  3. All data showed in are actually pulled out from a Tripwire setup

  4. Also, ctrl+a, ctrl+c work on sig list.