Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A New Beginning

I knew I was starting to get a bit bored last week when I started wanting to probe down mission runners in high sec after watching a JonnyPew video of him cleaning up after people who carelessly leave mobile tractor units scattered around.  Using combat probes outside high sec is usually considered an unfriendly act, but probing down and removing abandoned MTUs would help keep New Eden clean.

So I was in an exploring state of mind when I saw someone advertising on Twitter for a new corp she had just formed.  The corp is headquartered out of Thera and is a member of the EvE-Scout Enclave alliance.  Me in a wormhole?  I'm pretty risk averse and wormholes are pretty dangerous.  I mean, they have bubbles and Sleepers.  But they don't have AFK cloakers, so I guess wormholes are safer than null sec.  But they lead to null sec where the AFK cloakers live.

But, I was about to start probing down high sec mission runners.  Ugh!  Besides, with Mynxee running the corp, I wouldn't have to worry about corp and alliance chat becoming a horrible place.  I liked the corp credo and figured that probing down exits and posting the information to EvE-Scout is a lot better than finding clueless mission runners.  However, as I discovered last night, probing down new exits takes a lot of skill.  Eran Mintor is fast!

So I applied and was accepted pretty quickly.  In addition to getting used to operating in Thera, I stuck Transport Ships V at the top of my skill queue.  From reading all the posts on the corp forums, we'll need some people used to moving things in dangerous space.  Okay, most of my experience took place in low sec, but I already have Mastery V in all Minmatar sub-cap haulers and just need to top off Transport Ships to get the maximum out of the tech 2 variants.

I also need to take a look at the other things I'm doing and figure out exactly how I'm going to change the way I play EVE.  I'm moving back into the exploration game as my main activity, but that doesn't mean I'll abandon creating things.  And I also need to convince that old pirate Mynxee that PvP isn't just about shooting people.  I'm risk averse, but at least I don't need the crutch of guns and missiles to visit dangerous places.

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