Friday, February 6, 2015

Put One On The Board

On Saturday, I joined Signal Cartel, a member corp of the EvE-Scout Enclave alliance.  One of the services that the EvE-Scout Enclave provides to New Eden is a listing on EvE-Scout of all the wormholes into and out of Thera.  Thera is unique, not only for having a name, but as the only wormhole system that has stations.  Stations attract capsuleers and so we go out and try to make accessing the stations just a little easier.

Of course, members to a new corporation want to contribute, and the most visible way is to help maintain the list.  So yesterday I set out to actually probe down and submit an exit to EvE-Scout.

I'm new to wormholes, so veterans of w-space will probably laugh at my technique.  Because I wanted to find a new exit, I first needed to purge my scan results of all the known exits.  The only way I knew to do that was to just go down the list of exits on EvE-Scout and ignore the results for each signal.  That left me with only 4 signatures to scan down.  None of them were wormholes.

Disappointed?  A little.  But that just meant I could do a little sightseeing while I waited for a new signature to spawn.  So I finished scanning down an ore site and took a look.

Sleepers Never Sleep
Yeah. Occupied with Sleepers.  Wormholes are a little bit tougher than low sec belts.  Unlike their Circadian Seeker cousins, they didn't notice my cloaked Cheetah, so I took the opportunity to take a couple of screenshots and exit the site.

Our Home Station
Did I mention that Thera is a beautiful place?  Well, in a creepy sort of way.  After leaving the Sleepers, I headed to our home station to watch some frigates wandering around.  I think an Ares was making bookmarks around the station.  After figuring that no one was actively trying to search out cloaked ships, I got close enough to get within vision distance of our home station and get a screenshot with planet 12 offering the backdrop.

With no new signatures appearing on scan, I headed to the Epicenter.  Yes, another site protected by Sleepers, but very pretty all the same.  I imagine that the wormhole in the screenshot above had something to do with the devastation in Thera.  Then again, with a site name like Epicenter, that's an easy assumption to make.

Finally, a new signature appeared.  I quickly probed it down and found a new exit.  I jumped to within 100 km of the signature and calmly (yeah, right) wrote down the signature name and wormhole type while crawling to 150 km so I could complete the warp to the wormhole.  I probably should figure out a better way, but the travel gives me time to make my notes.

A Pretty Site From Sovereign Null Sec
I then jumped though and found myself in The Kalevala Expanse and Shadow of xXDeathXx space.  No problems, though because I was the only one in the system.  So I completed gathering the information needed for entry into Tripwire, entered it into the intel channel, and poked Mynxee asking what happens next.  I didn't need to worry, though. Helios Anduath had already seen and submitted the site.  That's why you keep the intel channel clear.  If the tab only flashes with important information, then people will act on it quickly.

With my self-appointed goal complete, I then headed back to my low sec station.  I did half a data site on the way, but then for some reason I couldn't click on my overview.  So I just abandoned the rest of the site and docked up at the nearest station.  Turns out my anti-virus had updated.  I figured Bob was giving me a hint so I just stayed logged out.

All in all, a pretty satisfying night.  Now I just need to get even more adventurous and start exploring null sec space.  Hopefully the Russians won't mind.


  1. Ingoring known sigs from some one elses list is the right thing to do, and I have been in wh's a while longer than you.

    I also use 2 different styles of boat for burning to 150k. The mwd fit t1 scanning frig which takes 20ish seconds to burn 50k, or something covops. For the covops ship,
    * bookmark where you are
    * warp to 100k from destination and bookmark current spot as well as 'exact' wh.
    * warp back to initial scanning spot.
    * warp to 100k from the previos 100k bm (ie 200k from wh)

  2. I am not sure why you did not warp straight to the wormhole signature. Given that it was a brand new signature, it is unlikely to be camped. (Though I don't know how long this takes in Thera.) You can probably warp to the sig safely. Even if someone is right there and you get decloaked, you can probably get through the wormhole before they can lock you up.

    If you are at all paranoid about bubbles (and in Thera I can see that being a worry), you should get in dscan range from a celestial and make sure there are none there. If your paranoia is about being decloaked by ships there, then warp to the signature at 20km. The sig is always between 4-8 km from the wormhole. Thus, warping at 20km puts you close to the wormhole, but on right on the wormhole sig.

  3. You, well I and my guys, never warp to the sig... cause as you know it's actually an anomaly that is approx 10km from the actual hole and if its on the other side of the hole from you, you can get decloaked and be upwards of 10km off the hole... and decloaked... in a scanfrig... uh nothankyou, it happened to me when I was younger, more than once, that's how I learned to...

    ...either warp to 20, BM the hole itself, delete the anon BM, then motor in and jump or warp to 100, BM my landing point, fix hole BMs then warp out and back at 100 from the 1st 100 and jump from there... I will never trust any method where you have to say " can probably get through before they can lock you..." uh, nothankyouagain.

    We now always look at Thera (via EVE-Scout) as an optional/alternate route anytime we have to traverse Empire back to home. So far, have not seen one bubble and TBH have yet to see more than one other shop on grid and fewer than 5 pilots in any station we have docked at...

    Though it is weird in the extreme to buy drugs in a effin Station, much less an SOE Station... but that part of the market we have found to be quiet decent over all...and a damn sight more convenient than alternate sources.

  4. Nice post mate o7

    Another thing to have in mind when scouting for Eve-Scout : for a complete intel report you'll need the signature's name "from the other side" of the Wormhole. Some times it's completely obvious, but most of the time you will have to probe again to obtain the wormhole signature name. What we do is : As soon as jump occur you set orbit to 2500/3000m of the wormhole itself, launch probe and cloak immediately. Then probe on your position with a scanrange of 1AU. Then recall probe, jump back, report in the intel chan and do it again trying to be as badass as Eran Mintor :p (see pic)

  5. Yeah, I found out my first night scanning exits that Eran is a machine.

  6. Lovely to have you be part of our merry little band of explorers and thanks so much for any time spent scouting for EvE-Scout! Thera is indeed a beautiful place...there are many locations there where I just like to sit and look at things.

  7. Very interesting! And useful, too. I have long wished for something similar to Eve Scout's Thera list for wormholes that directly connect high sec to high sec without any intervening W-Space systems in between. I think they're A641 on the originating side. I find those very handy, problem is there's never one around when you need one.