Friday, February 27, 2015

Back In Space

For the first time in over a week I actually logged into EVE last night. My part is finished in the whole CSM election process so I can just sit back, log in, and relax. I didn't say undock, because I'm flying around Great Wildlands and until either my cargo hold fills up or another exit to Thera pops up, I'm not going back to Empire space. I only have an estimated 35 million ISK in goods right now, but the main purpose is to bookmark the area, not just pillage everything I can get my hands on.

I should briefly mention yesterday's o7 Show. Unlike last year, we should have most, if not all, of the dev blogs that will impact Fanfest out before everyone shows up in Reykjavik. However, that will impact the CSM election. After all, what is any sane player going to do, read a 7,400 word dev blog written by CCP Fozzie or research who to vote for amongst 75 candidates? My bet is reading the words of a dev named after a muppet instead of looking into the backgrounds of a group a lot of player think of as muppets. But, that means I should have a more relaxing Fanfest.

But back to space. We are now wardecced! That's right, our exploration alliance, Eve-Scout Enclave, is defending against the awesomely named Hodor vs Groot Battle Rap corporation. I guess the 6-man high sec wardec corp wanted a tougher challege.  After all, it's not everyday someone can fight an alliance with an ISK efficiency rating as awesome as ours. For those wishing they could have an ISK efficiency rating like ours, the secret is easy. Just poke your nose everywhere.  And I do mean, as our killboard shows, everywhere.

I'd write about the truly awe-inspiring fleet doctrine our leadership came up with, but until we use it, the composition remains firmly under wraps. But I hope someone records the action, because I'll enjoy the action. Unfortunately, I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere and can't even jump to a fresh clone to take part in the conflict. But I'm confident the alliance will hit our attackers like no one's ever hit them before.

If our attackers don't surrender from sheer shock at the brilliance of our theory crafters, I'll probably report more on the war next week.

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