Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The CSM X Election Begins Today

Today is the start of the election for the 10th Council of Stellar Management.  The election will run through 10 March, with the results announced at Fanfest in March.  As part of the celebration that the CSM made it to a 10th iteration, CCP is giving away a 10-run blueprint copy for the Council Diplomatic Shuttle, a decommissioned, disarmed Pacifier-class CONCORD frigate for all paying accounts active today.  Everyone who votes will get a 10 trinkets, one for each of the CSMs containing the names of each serving member.

I have to admit, I'm really tired right now, and compared to a lot of people I hardly did any work. The page I built for the election on my Google site is complete for every candidate and I will only need to update it with the latest information.

Unless something totally wacky occurs, this is my final CSM post until the results are revealed at Fanfest.  Judging by my traffic statistics, a lot of people are rejoicing at that announcement.  But sometimes a subject is worth writing about, even if a lot of people turn away.

Let me just conclude this year's coverage with a statement from CCP Leeloo's dev blog:
So you’re asking yourself “Why should I care?”...
The CSM is a key part of the interaction between players of EVE Online and the EVE development team.
The delegates that YOU choose in this election will be attending two multiple day summits here at CCP headquarters in Reykjavík, Iceland, and will have open and direct access to the developers and work to improve and expand EVE Online throughout the year alongside the EVE Development team.
This means that your votes count and can be the deciding factor in which feature proposals, concerns, ideas and feedback items are brought to the development team for action.
Voting in the CSM elections allows you to select the candidate that best suits your playstyle and helps ensure that you get the best representation possible during communications with CCP.
Like any good political election, the candidates are varied and represent the wide spectrum of interests that EVE players have, so you should be able to find several that mirror your own EVE experiences.

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  1. Thank you for doing all this work. I care about the CSM but I don't have the time to make an informed opinion. Though I seem to know you from all the work you have posted so I will trust yours.