Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Do Goons Role-play?

Sometimes things get a little strange in EVE, especially when the fighting slows down in null sec.  One of the rules of EVE is: a bored Goon is a dangerous Goon.  When the top Goon gets bored, who knows what can occur.

With all of null sec waiting for CCP to announce the next steps in the changes to null sec sovereignty mechanics, The Mittani is looking for ideas to keep his space tribe occupied and happy.  So when I saw this segment on The Meta Show last month, I just shook my head.

I then thought about Burn Jita.  Will the Goons and friends hold a Burn Jita 4, or do they want a change of pace?  Amarr is the second largest trade hub in New Eden.  Not only would installing a new Amarr emperor give an excuse to ravage through Providence, but a reason to hold a Burn Amarr as well.

But that's a totally unrealistic pipe dream, right?  I mean, CCP would almost have to egg the Goons on.  It's not like CCP would watch The Meta Show, think to itself, "Hey Darius JOHNSON and The Mittani have a good idea," and then embed the following into a news article:
"Rumors continue to circulate among the media relating to the wellbeing of Empress Jamyl I, after her abstinence from public appearances since September YC116, with Chamberlain Haromi attending public events in her absence. The long delay in the issue of this decoration, along with its presentation by Grand Admiral Sundara rather than the head of state, as is traditional in the Empire, has left a number of media outlets speculating on the Empress’ whereabouts and wellbeing."
I know that lore enthusiasts are probably looking at this as a sign of the reemergence of The Other and that Empress Jamyl is losing her battle at keeping The Other at bay.  But that could give an enthusiastic role-player an excuse to hold anti-empress feelings.  Or even a bored null sec alliance.

Now, I don't expect the CFC to organize to role-play a part in any possible succession crisis the Amarr Empire may experience in the lore.  The Mittani and his leadership cadre are too instilled with the thrill of realpolitik to settle for anything less.  But the Goon leadership knows the value of providing the rank-and-file content as well.

I know, I know, who wants Providence besides CVA anyway?  So the real questions are, how bored are the Goons and, if the sov revamp doesn't come soon, what will they do next?

EDIT:  After looking at the Drifters' killboard, the Amarr might welcome their new Goon overlords.  Yikes!


  1. So am I reading that board correctly, and NO ONE has taken down a Drifter on TQ yet?

  2. Found out on Reddit that 43 went down on the first day.