Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ammo Issues

After 10 days of running missions, I'm a little over one-quarter of the way to obtaining a Nestor. In addition to picking up 150,000 Sisters of EVE loyalty points, I've looted 180 million ISK off the field and picked up over 200 million ISK in bounties and mission rewards.

One thing I didn't count on was the type of damage I would need to deal. I figured the Ani constellation is in Angel Cartel space, so if I brought explosive ammo, with thermal as backup, I would do okay. Ha! I think I've used explosive damage the least. I need to use all damage types, although thermal is the most used so far.

I have ammunition stashed away throughout Minmatar space, so I had a cache close by to meet immediate needs. But my ammunition usage is higher than I expected, so I've moved into high gear producing my own. Why don't I just hop over to Hek? Because I'm saving my liquid cash not only to buy the Nestor blueprint (150 million ISK) and fit the ship, but I still need to purchase and outfit a Damnation. I'd rather convert the stockpile of minerals I have into ammunition. Besides, I like making my own ammunition.

One slight oversight I made with my blueprint collection was failing to do time efficiency research on most of them. Given that I not only need to meet my current consumption rate, but replenish the one cache I borrowed from as well as establish a new cache in the Gallente COSMOS constellation, the faster I can manufacture what I need, the better.

One trick I'm using is producing blueprint copies and then manufacturing items using the copies while I continue to perform the time efficiency research. Because I can only run one or two missions a night during the week, I have time to make the copies. Coming home and finding 30,000 rounds of EMP L waiting for me when I log in after dinner is a nice feeling, as don't use that much in a full week.

Maybe one of these days I'll get back into the business of selling faction ammunition and missiles. For now, though, I'm just happy having the proper ammunition to shoot at NPCs.

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