Thursday, August 25, 2016

Supplementing The Nestor

Last night I passed an important milestone in my quest for a Nestor. I now have over 600,000 Sisters of EVE loyalty points on one character. I'm going to continue to grind loyalty points because when I finally buy the pirate battleship, I want to have at least the 348,000 SoE loyalty points I possessed when I began the grind.

Another reason is I want to maximize the skills to fly such an expensive ship before I undock. The next 10 skills in my queue are:

  • Large Beam Laser Specialization IV
  • Large Pulse Laser Specialization III
  • Large Pulse Laser Specialization IV
  • Gallente Drone Specialization V
  • Minmatar Drone Specialization V
  • Amarr Drone Specialization V
  • Caldari Drone Specialization V
  • Advanced Drone Avionics V
  • Gallente Battleship V
  • Amarr Battleship V

With +4 implants and my current neural mapping, I'll finish those skills sometime in the first week in February. I placed the drone skills before the battleship skills because they will help with so many other ships than the Nestor. In fact, I set up my skill queue with the goal of learning skills that will help with a lot of ships first, then I narrow down to more ship specific skills. I did do a little rearranging to max out my relevant Nestor skills first, but learning the drone skills at this point of my EVE career is pretty much mandatory.

I also want to pick up a little bling for the battleship. Syndication, the Gallente Level 4 epic arc, gives a Black Eagle Drone Link Augmentor as one of the rewards at the end of the series. The faction module gives 2,000 m greater drone control range bonus over the tech 2 variant. If I don't use the module myself, I understand I can make some good ISK by placing it on the market for sale. The average sale price in Jita yesterday was 146 million ISK.

As a final move, I may pick up an Armageddon to simulate flying a Nestor. I still need work figuring out which crystals to use. I also think that I need more practice with an armor tank and cap management, which is why I'd pick using an Amarr ship over a Gallente one.

My goal turns out not to just acquire a Nestor. I want to fly the ship well. Flying the ship well not only includes building up the skill points, but getting the practice required to not make dumb mistakes. As the most expensive ship, when fittings are included, in my personal fleet, I don't want to do something silly to lose it.

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