Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Maybe I'll Buy A SKIN After All

I have to say I am not impressed with the offerings out of the EVE Online cash shop. As in, I still have the 5000 aurum I received from CCP back in 2011 when clothing and monocols were all the rage. More accurately, what all the players raged about.

I've spent a lot of time on the Singularity test shard over the past week or so testing burner mission fits and looking at the new mining barge artwork. I'm not really a fan of the SKINs. If the offer is still available when I get a Nestor, I may pick up the Sanctuary SKINs collection for the Sisters of EVE ships. But I don't think the skins for Minmatar ships look that good.

Claymore Justice SKIN
For example, I fly Claymores, so I started looking at the SKINs available for the command ship. The one I like the best is the Justice SKIN, but then I'd own a green ship. I associate green with the Gallente. I guess the Gallente are okay, but do I really want to imitate them?

Then I decided to see the selection available for Procurer hulls. The ORE Development SKIN for the Skiff looks pretty good.

Skiff Ore Development SKIN
More importantly, the SKIN is also available for the Orca. Color coordinated mining fleets? I could go for that.

I see three other SKINs on Singularity, but none available for purchase on the market. They are the Digmaster Blazon, Morphite Shine, and Paydirt Prospector. I like the Morphite Shine the best of the three.

I think the colors harken back to the good old days when Minmatar ships were rust-colored. I love the look on the Procurer and Skiff, but not so much on the Orca. Still, having a little fleet sitting in a belt all with the same paint scheme would look pretty cool.

I'm still not sure about purchasing anything from the New Eden Store. The selection is improving, although I still get the sense the SKINs are overpriced. I thought so last year and I'm not sure I'm willing to buy an Orca SKIN. Sure, I still have a lot over $50 worth of aurum on two of my accounts, but I still want to wait to see if anything new comes around that really impresses me. For now, I can control the impulse to splurge.

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