Monday, August 22, 2016

Looking At Tags

A quick post because I spent a lot of time playing EVE this weekend. I am now up to 250,000 Sisters of EVE loyalty points on my grind up to getting a Nestor. What surprises me, though, is the amount of wealth I've accumulated over the past two weeks. Even after paying for drones, manufacturing and research costs, and a second fully-fitted Hound for my second low sec mining base, my wallets are still up a combined 250 million ISK. The thing that stunned me, however, was the amount of drops and salvage I collected. The price estimator in my inventory in the station states I collected over 500 million ISK in modules and salvage.

Breaking down the value of the drops, I gathered over 250 million ISK in Caldari and Amarr Navy tags. Wow! Back when I started playing EVE, I never considered the tags as worth anything. Okay, that was sheer laziness. Seven years ago the estimated worth of your belongings didn't exist. If I wanted to know how much things cost, I had to look them up one at a time in the market display. Who had time for that?

I'm not really sure tags are really that attractive. I took a look at the Brutor Tribe loyalty point store and I didn't see anything I really wanted. Or, nothing I wanted that required tags.

I see an awful amount of tags required to get a lot of items. Perhaps some of these items are better than tech 2, but I'm not so sure. Then again, I have a lot of skill points, so perhaps newer players would see these items as replacements until they get the skill points for a higher level of tech.

Something tells me the true value of the tags in my inventory is greatly exaggerated. I probably should just gather them all up in one place and watch for when desperate people are willing to overpay for the things and then sell to the buy orders. If I really want faction gear, I just want to pay the loyalty points and some ISK. Trying to collect tags doesn't seem worth the effort.

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