Monday, August 15, 2016

Mining Art And Possible Changes To Barges And Exhumers

Yesterday on the o7 Show, CCP revealed some dates for a few old features that will receive large revamps. In November, not only will EVE see a new fleet boosting mechanic implemented, but the Rorqual receives a rebalance pass. In addition, a new, smaller industrial command ship will hit the servers similar in cost to a tech 1 battlecruiser.

What struck me, however, was the mining barge overhaul coming in the September release. We don't have details, but the artwork is suggestive of a major overhaul. Below are screen captures of the new Procurer- and Covetor-class hulls.

The screenshots suggest that the Procurer/Skiff will gain one turret high slot and the Covetor/Hulk will lose one. Does that mean all mining barges and exhumers will now have two turret high slots? I think so.

One of the things that differentiated the three mining ship hull designs from each other was the number of strip miners each could mount. To my eye, the ships don't look that much different anymore. Throw in the same number of mining slots and I have to really ask what will make the ships unique?

I know, I know. CCP hasn't published the dev blog yet and I am already sounding pessimistic. Let's just say I already have a couple of ideas for the newly revamped ships and I really want to read the details before saying anything else. I just hope CCP allows an increase in the cargo hold of the Procurer if miners have to start carrying twice as many crystals as we do now.

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