Thursday, August 11, 2016

Another Day, Another Cult

On Wednesday I did a couple of jobs for Kiljavas Yaskasen, a Sisters of EVE security agent in the Ani constellation located in Metropolis. The first task was simple. Track down a corp thief and retrieve some sensitive documents. Easy work for 1.7 million ISK and 3,940 loyalty points.

You would think an organization that can keep 4 stations built in a wormhole secret for years would not keep having security lapses. I'm coming to the realization that the Sisters of EVE aren't deploying their best people to this area of New Eden. Perhaps the explanation lies in the fact that the Ani constellation lies in high sec. I'll have to ponder the reasons why further.

The next mission Yaskasen offered should have thrown up some red flags:
For you, my friend, there's always something.

We have reports of terrorists wreaking havoc in Tvink. Our convoys have been attacked, as well as some outlying outposts; they seem to be intent on causing as much damage as possible. I'd like you to take care of them as quickly as possible. And be aware that they may not all be gathered together when you arrive... if so, you will be able to pick them off as they warp in to the rendezvous point. 
But, I figured terrorists shouldn't pose too much of a threat. I even caught them scattered and defeated them piecemeal as they warped in. Fortunately, tactics were not a strong suit for the enemy commander, because his combined force consisted of 19 battleships, 11 cruisers, and 2 frigates. Even with the lack of tackle, that force could have caused some anxious moments if adequately led.

During the operation, Aura marked the terrorist ships as EoM. Afterwards, I learned that EoM stood for the Equilibrium of Mankind. I'm beginning to wonder if the Ani constellation is populated with religious zealots. While many may not put the Amarr and Sisters in that category, the EoM definitely fits the description. A splinter group of a cult, I found the following in a history site:
This new division called themselves "The Equilibrium of Mankind". Ocilan became the self-appointed leader of this new division which had very different views than most within FoG (Followers of God), which is simply a law-abiding monotheistic sect that follows the writing of Aramon Khalid, who lived during the beginning of Eves history (or so they claim). Little is known of the life of Aramon, but a few fragments of his writings still remain intact within a museum in the great library in Ardishapur Prime. His teachings are officially approved by the main religious body of the Amarr and the Emperor.

However, other fragments remain from this period. Scorned by the religious leaders of the Amarr, they were long forgotten and almost vanished forever, if it weren't for the dedication of certain Amarrian historians who kept them intact and safe. These writings had a completely different message than the ones revered by the Followers of God. They were written in an almost chaotic manner, as if transcribed by a man beset by a mental illness. They tell of destruction and doom and the downfall of mankind as we know it, should the human race decide to remain within this new universe which had been forbidden to them by God himself. It warns all who read it that those who do not follow the path of the righteous will burn in the fiery depths of hell. Those who follow "the path of the righteous" in this case are those who aid in the reconstruction of the "pathway to heaven", a myth long forgotten or discounted by most scholars within the Eve universe. This path would lead to the salvation of mankind, and failure to ultimate doom. Those who choose to follow the path must commit every ounce of their energy to see their pledged fullfilled or risk eternal damnation.
How many religious enemies do the Sisters have? The Sisters beliefs seem in direct contradiction to the EoM's belief that all non-believers will burn in hell:
"They are also devoted practitioners of their religious beliefs, which center around the EVE-gate. The Sisters belief that this ‘relic from god’, as they call it, holds the key to the universe and are determined to unlock it, in order to bring ‘everlasting peace under god’s guidance and guardianship’ to the world of EVE. The Sisters maintain that god resides at the other side of the gate and from his domain he guides the lives of those that belief in him and keeps them out of harms way."
No wonder the EoM is attacking the SoE. The Sisters believe that God looks favorably upon the humans in New Eden and acts positively in their lives. The EoM, on the other hand, believes God disapproves of the presence of those in New Eden and will condemn those who do not seek to leave.

I understand why Yaskasen is using my corporation to settle religious scores. The Sisters of EVE are looking for a cut-out to maintain their stated public neutrality, and outsiders won't look askance at my actions. I just hope I can get out of the area with a Nestor and a profit.

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