Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Winter War: The 55 Billion ISK Wyvern

No sovereignty structures changed hands in the strategically located system of F4R2-Q yesterday. A lack of offensive success do not mean no action occured. Dotlan showed that between 0500 4 January and 0500 5 January, 1293 ships died in the system and the adjoining system of 1P-WGB. Perhaps the most significant event occurred in 1P-WGB as an Imperium fleet attempted to kill a TEST Wyvern-class supercarrier that wandered too far from the mooring's of an Astrahus-class citadel.

Battle Report

Not only did the Wyvern escape, but the Imperium fleet lost 40.5 billion ISK in ships, including 9 dreadnaughts and 1 carrier. TESTCO forces only suffered 13.9 billion ISK in losses, including 3 Minokawa-class Force Auxiliaries. A battle report from fleet commanders on both sides of the fight is on r/eve.

From the December 2016 Economic Report

The Imperium is losing a lot of ships in the first few days of fighting, but evidence now suggests that the coalition's vaunted organization may keep up with the losses. In the monthly Economic Report for December published yesterday, the Imperium-controlled region of Delve emerged as the number one region for mining, and that was with the bug that means CCP's figures don't include the mining yield from excavator drones. Perhaps more surprising, Delve was the number 2 region (behind only The Forge) in production value. Other alliances have made fun of the Imperium's love of the Rorqual, but that industrial output may save the coalition from a potentially ruinous loss rate. Only time will tell.

Finally, in southern Catch, Stainwagon is close to removing the Tactical Voltage coalition from the region. Tactical Supremacy is down to total control of one system and partial control of three others. The alliance's only remaining iHub and all four outposts come out of reinforce shortly before the publication of this post.

The rest of the activity in the theatre of operations is basically entosis spam, although both the TCU and the iHub in 1P-WGB come out of reinforced state 90 minutes before the publication of this post.

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