Friday, January 13, 2017

The Winter War: Switching Directions

I'm not sure how valuable keeping track of the fighting in Catch is right now. I have the feeling that TESTCO and its allies are posed to steamroll through the northern half of Catch, sweeping up all of the territory claimed by The Volition Cult (VOLT) and Against ALL Authorities (-A-). Given -A-'s performance, TESTCO may decide to leave -A- as a buffer zone and turn north and take VOLT's systems in the northeast corner of the region.

First, TESTCO needs to finish securing the systems close to its entry point from Curse. The invaders are poised to capture the last three sovereignty structures owned by Cold Steel Alliance in the EM-L3K constellation. The last outpost is currently a freeport and the sides can begin fighting on Saturday. An interesting development is that Dangerous Voltage, a member of the Tactical Voltage coalition, now owns the iHubs in 1P-WGB and L7XS-5. Is it possible that Tactical Voltage will reappear on the sovereignty map in Catch?

In the constellation of XR9-LP, TEST Alliance Please Ignore (TEST), DRONE WALKERS (WALKA), and Lord of Worlds Alliance (LORDE) each took the sovereignty of one system. The DRONE WALKERS faced defending two of their three TCUs as of 0430 today. The alliances changed from their previous strategy of destroying the iHubs first. Perhaps the invaders are getting overconfident with word that the Imperium has drawn back due to the unreliability of some of its allies in Stainwagon.

The next constellation that TESTCO and friends will attack seriously is N-OGI1. The invading forces have already freeported the outpost and reinforced the TCU in ZXIC-7 and may capture both within 12 hours after the publication of this post. Overall, TESTCO has reinforced every sovereignty structure in the constellation except for those in KDF-GY. The system is probably the capital system of Axiom Vocation Alliance and has an ADM of 5.2.

Outside of the main area of conflict, the invaders have reinforced eight VOLT iHubs and four VOLT outposts due to come out of reinforcement on Saturday.

Part of the reason for implementing Aegis Sov was to eliminate the grind of destroying sovereignty structures a month or so after a war ended. In the war in Catch, I don't believe TESTCO and the other members of the Stainfraggin' Coalition will face serious resistance until they run into the Soviet-Union held systems in U-JTBT. For now, I'm interested in how fast the invaders can clear out the north of Catch.

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