Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Winter War: Down To Cold Steel

The big news in the winter war in Catch yesterday was the capture of the outpost in F4R2-Q by TESTCO. TEST Alliance Please Ignore now owns both the outpost and the iHub in the system.

TESTCO and its allies still have a lot of work to do if they want to dig Stainwagon forces, mainly Cold Steel Alliance (STEEL), out of the EM-L3K constellation. I don't see TESTCO evicting STEEL from the constellation before the weekend.

Based on the entosis activity, I believe TESTCO will attempt to expand westward over the next week. TEST dropped a TCU in J-ODE7, taking sov from Against ALL Authorities (-A-). -A- seems the weakest member of Stainwagon at this time and has dropped sov in five systems. A move to take ZXIC-7 is likely as the outpost in the system is currently reinforced. TESTCO may need to take care or they may accidentally take a sov structure.

Action continues in Feythabolis, but no sov structures changed hands yesterday. The map in yesterday's post shows today's action. The Drone Region Federation is targeting outposts, even managing to freeport the station in BGN1-O. In addition to the fight in BGN1-O, three other outposts come out of reinforcement today.

A major problem for Stainwagon is if TESTCO breaks out of the EM-L3K constellation, they may sweep westward and take northern Catch relatively quickly. The Imperium will want to help stop TESTCO and the DRF from taking all of Catch, if only to keep them more than two jumps away from Delve. The question is, how far forward can the allies keep TESTCO from advancing?

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