Tuesday, February 9, 2021

EVE Online - Reign

Did anyone else think that CCP had abandoned the quadrant system? Never fear, the developers were just running a little late. Named Reign, the quadrant for the first quarter doesn't seem to have a consistent theme. Maybe travel? From the news article:

Reigning Capsuleers,

Achieve tactical supremacy and victory in New Eden with EVE Online's new Quadrant "Reign", the first in 2021! Launching a new year of Quadrants after 2020's successful introduction of themed content for EVE, Reign brings with it exciting new updates to fleets and travel, continuous balance and meta changes, plus returning events such as the Guardian's Gala and The Hunt.

Fleet options in EVE will improve during the Reign Quadrant thanks to the Fleet Discovery update.

Many more upcoming changes will soon see the light as the Quadrant progresses, as has been the case for all of EVE's Quadrants so far. One upcoming change will give Capsuleers more control over fleet formations and presence on the battlefield. For the curious, the Quadrant trailer is a solid starting point for theory crafters.

The Reign Quadrant also kicks off with substantial improvements to jump tunnel animations, providing a more immersive sci-fi experience, with the regions you are travelling between now visually reflected in the tunnel itself!

In addition, there are updates to how your home station is represented on the map, how it's managed, with the price for changing its location removed, plus quality of life improvements throughout the Quadrant which some you can check out on the EVE Online forums!

The notorious Guardian's Gala event will return to New Eden this week, and you are once again invited to disrupt the annual Serpentis pirates and Angel Cartel celebrations! Guardian's Gala will include daily rewards for players logging in - More info on that is coming very soon. In addition to that, the Abyssal Proving Grounds will continue into 2021 as well.

CCP also produced a trailer.

Fleet formations? Has CCP actually brought precision flying to EVE? And will a generation of players used to flying in a ball around a fleet commander adapt to the feature, or totally ignore it?

I'm looking forward to the changes to the jump tunnel animations. Back when the last one was introduced, it gave me motion sickness until I adapted to the feeling by not looking at my screen. Hopefully I can enjoy the work of the art team when jumping between systems now.

I'm also looking forward to the two listed events, Guardian's Gala and The Hunt. CCP introduced Guardian's Gala in 2017. The Hunt made its debut a year later. I should add that CCP likes to mix things up, so combat may differ from previous years.

I intend on running the Guardian's Gala and give updates similar to what I did for the Ishgard Restoration crafting event in Final Fantasy XIV in January. That's right, I'm actually going to log in and shoot things. I probably need to check my ammo supply. I have plenty of autocannon ammo, but do I need to switch to missiles? Since the event begins this week, I won't have long to wait.

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