Monday, August 16, 2021

An Update In Final Fantasy XIV

I'm bad about writing about game anniversaries and missed my two-year anniversary in Final Fantasy XIV last month. I have a couple of things to write about my last few weeks in the game.

First, the massive influx of WoW refugees is having a couple of unexpected effects. Yes, longer login queues were pretty much going to happen. But for the first time, I faced queue times for some of the events in the Manderville Gold Saucer. The first time that happened I thought I had disconnected at first. The other is the amount of gil I am making on the market. The last two weeks I've sold 1 million gil worth of food. When including all the gil from my retainers rewards as well as everything else I sell, I'm pulling in around 1.8 million gil each week. A couple of months ago, that number was down around 700,000 gil. I know have over 23 million gil sitting on my character.

I'm almost finished with all of the beast tribe quests. The only ones I have left to complete are with the dwarves and qitari. I will complete those by the weekend. I currently have all the beast tribe mounts, which was one of my goals. I should probably write a post about the mounts.

Another accomplishment I finished Thursday was acquiring the top Anima weapon for white mages. The Anima weapons come from the Heavensward expansion and are basically used for glamour. Although, for players who are still playing on a trial account, the Lux weapons are best in slot. I also completed the Zodiac weapon questline for level 50 weapons, so I'm half-way to getting all the relic weapons. For those who want long grinds for 

Finally, I reached level 80 on my scholar and summoner Saturday. Honestly, I have no idea how to play the summoner as I was interested in the scholar. Even then, I probably wouldn't play scholar without a lot of practice using the Trust system. I basically used the beast tribe quests to level the job. The next job I choose to level needs to be one I want to take into dungeons.

I should write more about my experiences in FFXIV. I find myself writing about a lot of negative things. Sure, the implosion of Blizzard Entertainment is noteworthy, and the troubles of Pearl Abyss will likely effect EVE. But I really need to write about when I have fun in games.

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