Thursday, August 5, 2021

Cleanup In Aisle Delve

The Imperium wasted no time in beginning to reclaim Delve. In less than 72 hours after PAPI declared their intention to halt all offensive actions in Delve and withdraw, Imperium pilots created over 140 timers. The iHubs in two systems, PUIG-F and D-3GIQ, already sport Goonswarm Federation infrastructure hubs.

Timers as of 1055 UTC on 5 August 2021

The mass entosis campaign is just not occurring in Delve. Test Alliance Please Ignore structures in Querious and Period Basis as well as nearly 30 systems held by Federation Uprising in Fountain also potentially need defending.

Normally when I see 140 timers set in such a short period of time, I figure maybe 10 structures will flip. But The Imperium has poured out of the O-EIMK constellation with a vengeance. Since PAPI announced its withdrawal, The Imperium has destroyed 27 PAPI-owned jump gates, 21 on 4 August alone.

Ansiblex Jump Gates destroyed by Imperium, 4 August 2021

Also, Imperium forces have destroyed three Tenebrex Cyno Jammers in T5ZI-S and E-VKJV over the last 24 hours.

PAPI cyno jammers destroyed

The destruction of the cyno jammers in the two gateways into the O-EIMK constellation means Imperium capital and supercapital forces will not have to use standard gates to enter the systems. As T5ZI-S is PAPI's main staging system, the situation could get tense over the weekend.

Pandemic Horde evacuation plans

The big question I have is whether The Imperium will allow non-TEST and non-Legacy forces to withdraw unmolested. The rally cry is "TEST in next." The Imperium has spent a lot of effort entosising TEST owned iHubs and territorial control units. One might believe Imperium forces will concentrate on that alliance as long as all others stay out of the way.

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