Monday, August 2, 2021

Star Citizen Raises $2.2 Million In July 2021

 The first half of August will see most of the major publicly held game companies conduct investor calls announcing either quarterly or year-end results. One company that publicly posts a major element of its financial performance is Cloud Imperium Games, developers of Star Citizen and Squadron 42. The amount of money raised through starter package and ship sales in July is worthy of note.

RSI Funding Page, as seen on 2 August 2021

In July, CIG only raised $2,279,161 from the sale of starter packages and ship sales. Through the first 7 months of 2021, the company only raised $37.5 million from those two sources. While a drop-off from 2020, observers should note that an estimate of the other funding sources should bring CIG's total income for the year well over $45 million for the year. Also, the $21 million brought in by CIG in the second quarter of 2021 still dwarfs the $15 million in revenue Pearl Abyss reported from EVE Online and EVE Echoes on its last investors call in May covering the first quarter.

With the ninth anniversary of the Star Citizen Kickstarter approaching in October, one has to wonder if buyer fatigue is finally kicking in. Even the most successful games start to see declines in interest after 8-9 years. With Star Citizen needing another 3-4 years of development, will Chris Roberts need to reach out to outside investors again to realize his dream?

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