Friday, October 22, 2021

Spook Fest 2021

With one month until Endwalker, I'm doing pretty well in Final Fantasy XIV. I'm not doing most of the raid content or Bozja, but I did finish the Copied Factory and gotten the 2B glamour gear. I'm earning over 1 million gil every week on my market sales and retainer rewards. I'm working on a DIY project to set up an apartment in Lavender Beds. Housing is fascinating in FFXIV and I've seen nice designs using less than 100 items. I think I can tweak some in order to make a cozy place to log off in.

With business going well, I have some time to hit the social scene. Of course, coming from EVE, there's no way I'd actually enjoy myself in a video game. Nope. Impossible. I'm just visiting Eorzea's night clubs "for science". After all, I can't write about something without doing research, right?

Hard at work doing research (found on a club's Discord server)

The weekend brings a major event on the social calendar on the North American data centers: Spook Fest.

The announcement going around Discord

The name that stuck out to me was DJ Mannmade, who will perform on my data center. I watched the Preach Gaming stream when he went to the opening of a FFXIV night club on one of the EU servers. One of the craziest things is that 17 venues, including 8 from my data center, got together to sponsor the event. 

One of the amazing things about the social scene is the prevalence of web pages for each venue and a lot of events. The community uses a site called Carrd. Clicking on the link for the event gives a list of the clubs and Twitch DJ's performing, along with a bard group doing an after-party on my world.

I will probably get down to the business aspect of FFXIV's social scene and how certain companies (I'm looking at you CCP) screwed up and left a lot of money on the table by failing to implement what Yoshi-P and Square Enix did in FFXIV. But for this weekend, I'm just going to partake of the event and have a good time. For, you know, science.

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