Friday, October 1, 2021

Star Citizen Begins October With $387.5 Million Raised

Cloud Imperium Games' march toward $400 million raised from players to create Star Citizen and Squadron 42 continued in September. Today the funding stats page reached $387.5 million. To put the figure in perspective, the only video game developers spent more to create and release was Red Dead Redemption 2, with a cost of between $379 million and $550 million

Overall, CIG has raised $507.1 million since 2012 according to information published by the company. In addition to the funding page, the below list includes information from the 2019 financials report.

  • Pledges/Counter (thru Sep 2021) - $387.5 million
  • Subscriptions (thru Dec 2019) - $18.1 million
  • Other Income (thru Dec 2019) - $38.3 million
  • Outside Investment (thru Dec 2019) - $63.25 million

The total raised in September was $4.7 million. The amount should rise in October as CitizenCon happens on 9 October. The sales of virtual goods surrounding the event should raise the amount raised to at least $10 million.

I follow a few Star Citizen content creators and the upcoming inventory and medical system updates make me wonder if the game is truly moving towards a full loot, free-for-all PvP game. If CitizenCon confirms that direction, then I wonder how that will impact future funding. After all, a lot more people will refuse to even look at a game like that than will be attracted.

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